The One with KreativWerkstatt

Sunday, April 26, 2015

I'm jumping around a bit, but on the way home from The Netherlands/Belgium, Chris and the kids dropped me off in Frankfurt to teach at KreativWerkstatt for Heidi Swapp! She's been traveling a lot and has a bunch of events in April and couldn't make it out to Germany - I was so glad the timing worked out perfectly! All I had to do was show up and teach - the kits were already made and the mini album was completed. Win win!
But first - breakfast! Bread and cheese of course :)
And some cereal - you know I love me some cereal!
There were 6 groups with about 13-15 ladies in each class.
All prepped and ready to go!
Workin' hard on misting and gluing.
Loved seeing how each person's album turned out differently.
Here's the album I made based off of Heidi's:
On the way home I navigated the Deutsche Bahn solo. Gotta love German efficiency. The train was supposed to arrive at 12:26 and at 12:26 it pulled in! That's how it was with all the stops and transfers. So awesome.
The Hauptbahnhof in Frankfurt.

5 hours of riding along gorgeous German countrysides. It was heaven!
Such a fun opportunity - there's even talks of me teaching my own class next year!!


  1. How fun! LOVING your album!! GORGEOUS!! Loving the colors!!!

  2. You have had such amazing opportunities lately to share you talents and get to see some awesome places! What a lucky duck!

  3. Hi Paige,

    I really enjoyed the class you taught in Frankfurt. It was great meeting you.



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