The One with Big Picture Classes - Paige's Pages 02

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The second round of Paige's Pages at Big Picture Classes is now live, up, and running - squeeeee! (And if you missed it, be sure to check out the first Paige's Pages class too!)

Here is a short description of the class: Paige Evans' layouts often have us wondering - how did she DO that? In Paige's Pages, Paige will be sharing the inspiration and techniques she uses each time she starts a layout, and challenging you to look at your supplies in a whole new way."

Big Picture Classes (or BPC) is an online learning platform for all things crafty, offering classes that cover all the crucial topics about crafting, creating, and documenting memories that you'll need to excel, and then some! Get access to as many classes as you want for only $9.95 a month - that's an AWESOME deal! Each class brings you a variety of topics and ideas, not to mention videos, PDFs, prompts, and so much more! Check out the Big Picture Classes website to find out more about how you can learn everything you need to know to document your memories beautifully every time!
In Paige's Pages #2 (AND Paige's Paiges #1!) there are four start-to-finish videos, more examples of layouts at the end of each lesson, and I'm available here or there for any questions you may have! I love teaching, I love making scrapbook videos, and I'd LOVE to see you in the Paige's Pages #2 classroom over at Big Picture Classes!


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