The One with a Fun Morning

Saturday, April 11, 2015

It was Spring Break this week and we didn't go anywhere (gasp!) but we are going to Amsterdam/Brussels/Brugges soon, so, no worries :) Fox is home all day every day instead of going to school in the mornings, and goodness knows he and Jane would just watch TV all day long if I let them. So I have to get creative with things to do... Enter the wonderful things within a short drive around us!

Our not so typical Tuesday morning:
First we drove out to Speinshart so I could get some instagrammable photos. Please tell me I'm not the only one who will proactively do things just for a picture to share?!? :) It was such a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. Hopefully they'll finish construction on this thing soon! begoneuglycranes!
Speinshart is our own little "diamond in the rough." Not that we live in a scary place or anything, quite the contrary - Germany is beyond beautiful! I've tried to put this into words several times and I just can't. It's just, we live in a TEENY TINY town. There is only 1 stop light. Sometimes it feels like the middle of nowhere. The autobahn is a half hour away. Usually to see things this magnificent we have to drive hours and hours. But the fact that this monastery is only 10 minutes away, well, I simply love it. Our own little hidden treasure.
We've been to our fair share of churches in Europe, and yet, this one still ranks in the top 10 of beauty in my humble opinion. Perhaps because it's pink? But that's what makes it that much more amazing! Why here? In the middle of nowhere? I won't question. I'll just take it :)
Do you think they'll remember any of this? All of these adventures? Little Miss Jane will have been to like 30 countries before she can even talk in full sentences... Thank goodness for cameras and scrapbooking so that even if they don't believe me, I'll have proof!
Then Fox picked me a flower. He's so sweet. The first time he came home from school and pulled out  a withered flower from his pocket, I nearly cried! Since he loved my reaction so much, he picks me flowers everywhere we go. Still warms my heart now as much as it did then.
Then we drove to the Backerei in Eschenbach and I let the kids pick out some sweets. Sprinkle cookie for Fox and chocolate something for Jane, of course.

Looking up at our beautiful town of Eschenbach.
Then we walked up the Eschenbach hill, stopping at the fountain because Jane is magnetized to water.

At the top of the hill in Eschenbach - Fox holding his Stanley.

Then we got my international driver's license because it expired a few months ago and I'm driving to Prague soon so I need it. I could see Speinshart out the window.
Then we swung by to see Chris on our way to the park. This was the very first time Fox and Jane have seen him "be a dentist." They were mystified. I snapped this picture of them watching their dad in awe. And then Fox yelled, "Eeeeeew gross!" Lol. So glad I caught this wonderful moment on camera! I'll forever remember this.

Then we went to the hotel playground and let the kids get their wiggles out.

Such a fun morning!


  1. Looks like you had a relaxing "spring break". :)

  2. Awesome day! I am so glad you caught the "ew gross" moment!

  3. Oh my goodness! What spectacular monastery....and only a stone's throw away. It will be interesting to see what your kids remember as they grown up. What a remarkable childhood for them (and for you too). Thank you for all your posts. P.S. "Ew gross" moment will not be forgotten soon.

  4. That monastery is gorgeous, and it definitely looks like a fun Spring Break day to me! And you are not alone on the IG pics. I feel like my day isn't complete, unless I post at least one photo to IG!! HA!!


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