The One with the 2nd Anniversary

Friday, May 8, 2009

Speaking of Wedding Stationary (see previous post) - today is our 2nd anniversary!

To celebrate, we're doing that session at the Draper temple we tried to do two weeks ago, and then we're gonna eat at the best place ever: Texas Roadhouse! I can already taste the cinnamon buttered rolls.

I wrote a somewhat detailed account of our perfect wedding on one of my very firsts posts. Read it here.

Below are some pictures of that lovely day.

This was the view from my room at our hotel in Nauvoo, IL. Green pastures, rolling hills and budding trees. Pretty picturesque.

The was the view from the balcony of our hotel.

Some shots of Chris and I wandering around.

The entire wedding party.

Me and my new brothers-in-law. Ewww! J/K.Here's to another great year!


  1. congrats! i hope you have a great day.

  2. Everyone is amazingly beautiful...temple, you, weather, etc.

    Congrats on 2 years. That is cool that you are going to Texas of my fav placed!

  3. you look so pretty! i love your dress and hair...(of course, i'm always envious of your hair!)

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love you!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Chris, Paige! Love those beautiful photos! Your dress is gorgeous!! :)

  6. Happy Anniversary!! :)

    Lovely pics and I absolutely love that dress!!

  7. I liked re-reading about your wedding. That was so much fun!

  8. YAY! HAPPY 2 YEARS!! Thats crazy! I am so happy for ya!! Enjoy your date tonight! I need to go with my husband up to the Draper Temple for session. We haven't yet!

  9. congratulations!! happy anniversary!
    such beautiful photos! :)

  10. How beautiful! My cuz was just married there last month. What a perfect place to get hitched!


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