The One with the Note

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I received this lovely little note on our car this morning:I have a lot to say about this.

1. We've been parking in this spot in front of this house since the day we moved into our apartment over two years ago. So why now, all of a sudden and out of the blue, do they have a problem?

2. The reason we park there is
(a) it's shady so the car doesn't get blazing hot during these increasingly warmer summer days
(b) it doesn't get dowsed by the sprinklers every morning and leave water spots
(c) our neighbors smoke constantly (at least a pack a day, each, and there are about 5 of them) and I really don't like the smell of smoke so I try and park away from where they huddle
(d) while we do live on a corner lot and there is a parking lot in the back, I often come home carrying heavy buckets of scrapbooking layouts and I prefer to walk the shortest distance possible from the car and up three flights of stairs.

3. Our car is gone from 7:30am to about 7:30pm Monday-Friday while I work so why is it such a big deal?

Now my problem is how should I handle this situation?

1. WWJD - do as the note asks and park elsewhere. Just forget the whole thing and move on. Least confrontation. I don't like confrontation.

2. Write something nasty back and stick it on their door - but there are four different doors on this house with four different sets of people living in them so I don't know whose door to leave it on. This could get ugly. I don't like ugly.

3. Keep parking there and hope they don't key our car or something. We're only going to be living there for three more months. Plus, they don't own the streets, I can park wherever I want to. At least I thought I could. Our car isn't hurting them or causing them any damage in any shape way or form. I just don't get it.

Since I'd like to think I'm not a mean person, I'll probably stick with option 1. I just wish the note could have been a bit nicer. I don't like being yelled at first thing in the morning.

Vent over. Blogging sure is therapeutic.


  1. I'm sorry. I'd be scared they would key our car too. I've actually had neighbor kids do that.

  2. If I had a junker car I would just continue to park there. BUT if you like your car and don't want it keyed, tired flattened, etc. then I would probably just park else where. It will be interesting to see who starts to park there...then you know who the note is from. They probably just want the shady spot. I think if you are going to write a note, it is chicken to not sign your name!

  3. Geesh. What is with people? Ugh. I'm sick of rude neighbors. (I have some, too). When I see them from a distance I just wave and then say "Hi bad neighbor" under my breath and laugh to myself. Ha! I hate confrontation so I'd probably do #1, but then again you're moving in three months so maybe just tell them that and see if they'd be ok with letting you park there until you move. I'd just explain to them the reasons you listed as to why you park there. If they still don't like it then kick them, um, wait I meant, just park elsewhere. :) Hope it works out in a nice way and they don't get even more rude. I just hate that. It's so unnecessary, ya know? Hugs girl!

  4. yeah, talk about reisty (sp?)! Maybe you should take them cookies one day to introduce yourself and explain about your bad knee and back and how grateful you are that you can park so close to your front door...thanks to them!


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