The One with the Gray Hair

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm trying not to freak out about this. But, after thinking about it for over 10 hours straight I can't hold it in any longer. As I was washing my face getting ready for bed last night, I looked in the mirror and noticed a single strand of gray hair protruding from my scalp. Heaven forbid! Have I already reached my prime at what I thought was the ripe young age of nearly 24?!? I've been dying my hair off and on since I was 13 because I've wanted to, but it looks like pretty soon I'll be dying my hair because I have to!

I guess it's all downhill from here....


  1. Rut ro. ;)
    Haven't found one yet, but I'm sure it'll be any day now!

    Happy Friday, girlie!! :)

  2. oh don't even worry about it. I have a huge strand of gray hairs. ;) I've had it since i remember...just dye it and you are good to go. ha

  3. I have a small bunch of maybe 5-8 all together. I wonder what event brought that on? no one will notice!

  4. Welcome to the old lady club! I got my first gray hairs at 23. I think I get a new one every hour or so.

  5. So that's where I got the early gray genes! You're in big trouble Malm!!!

  6. You are so funny.
    I've had those little white/gray hairs since forever. I used to pull them out and then I thought, "if I keep pulling them out, I'll have a receeding part line in my hair!"

    Just dye your hair every 4 weeks like me & you'll forget they even exist.

  7. Don't worry about gray hair! I don't, I am goin' be one of those young ladies with a full head of gray!!

  8. What a coincidence. Just today I went to the hair salon for a trim, and noticed my first gray hair too!! (The hair dresser noticed first, but didn't want to tell me.)Totally know how you feel..I'm glad I'm not alone!



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