The One with the Concert

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last night was the big night!

Alisha and I met at Nichole's and asked her sweet husband to take some pre-concert pics of us.
We were so stoked and ready to rock!
We drove out to the E-Center a couple hours early for reasons two-fold: 1) to avoid traffic 2) to find somewhere to eat beforehand. We decided on Winger's which actually happened to be their opening night. You'd think they'd have stellar promotions going on like free dessert or soft drinks. But no. Full price everything. At least it tasted good!

Once inside the E-Center, The Sounds were already playing. Who starts concerts on time? Maja Ivarsson - the female lead singer - she is bendy! She can lift those legs like there's no tomorrow. One word: Jealous.
Note to self: Listen to more of their music because they rocked my socks off.
But the real reason we came to this concert was to see Paramore.

I've blogged many a time and have mentioned once or twice my love for Paramore. I've even said, and still wish, if I could be someone for a day it would be Haley Williams. I just wanted to tuck Haley and all of her 5'2" self into my pocket and take her home with me. We could be besties, I just know it :)
They played every single one of my favorite songs including Crush Crush Crush, That's What You Get and Decode. They even played two or three new songs which got me super excited for their next CD coming out at the end of the summer. Note to self: Must find me a blog widget for their CD release.
That fiery red hair of hers is my fave.
Oooh! Jumping pictures!I took a million pictures.
But I did take 154 pictures.
"I'm the queen of the world!"
She sure put a lot of emotion into her singing. I loved it.
My neck is a little sore from attempting to head bang with her :)
And at the end of the day, she has a smile on her face. What a great gig they've got goin' on.
Smooches right back at you Haley!

Soooo...I don't own a single one of No Doubt's CDs... but I sure knew a lot of their songs! And now I'm even tempted to go buy some of their stuff because they were Awesome with a capital "A"!

They opened with "Spiderwebs" - a classic.The set was all white and appealing.
Gwen Stefani is straight up pretty, even with weird clothes, make up and hair. It suits her.
Her stage presence made the concert so FUN.
I've figured out how all of these bands stay super skinny and fit: they jump and hop and run around all day every day! Note to self: Become a famous singer and look amazing automatically.
A short video I took of No Doubt playing "Hella Good"

At one point during the show, Gwen brought out her now 3-year-old son Kingston to have everyone sing him happy birthday. Gwen is married to the lead singer of late band Bush, Gavin Rossdale. Their life must be a party.

Don't mind the man in the tutu. Apparently that's even more than he's been known to wear...I didn't get home 'til after midnight which is about three hours past my bedtime. Note to self: It was totally worth every minute of lost sleep!


  1. you got some amazing pictures. i didn't get any! i wanted to smuggle my super nice camera in, but didn't want to risk its confiscation. wasn't that an amazing show? i was in awe of Hailey's live voice. unbelievable! she hit all of the super high notes! i absolutely love her. goodtimes!

  2. Really her hair is great, and she pulls it off well! AND Kingston is adorable! So jealous that you got to go.

  3. Awesome! I love No Doubt! Looks like I need to check out Paramore, too! I've heard of them and I've heard a song of theirs, I think, but need to hear more! :) So glad you all had fun! Love the photos (and videos)! :)

  4. How fun! I have always been an old school No Doubt fan... It's good to see them back together again. Great pics!

  5. looks like an awesome show! i've heard really good things about their performance. LOVE gwen's crazy look - you're right, it works for her. we saw keane recently with mat kearney -- AWESOME!


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