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Saturday, May 9, 2009

37 pictures in this post :)

I got off work a couple hours early yesterday for our anniversary so we could make the 5:00pm session at the Draper temple since that's the only opening they had all evening when we made the appointment two weeks ago. Check off Draper from our temple hopping list. Next up: Manti.

We called Texas Roadhouse as soon as we got out of the temple and was told the wait would be 65-75 minutes. Sounds good. We wandered around the mall where I found two pairs of killer boots. Hey, I'm simultating the etonomy otay? Plus, in May alone, there's not one, not two, but three major events that all call for presents (right? right.): our anniversary, Mother's Day (shhhh, I know I'm not a mom...) and my birfday. They give you way too much food for just two people. But man, those bread rolls. So worth the 2 1/2 hour wait.

Then today, Chris and I had a fun adventure. After we did an abbreviated apartment cleaning, I thought we could ride down the Provo/Jordan River Parkway trail. Me on my sexy bike and Chris on his sexy (??) rollerblades. I used the program "My Tracks" on my Google phone. I can't even begin to describe how cool it is. But I shall try. Alls I did was press a button and at the end of the trail my phone told me that:

We were on the go for 2 hours, 1 minute and 42 seconds.
We rode 11.62 miles
Our average speed was 2.97 miles per hour
Our maximum speed was 12.3 miles per hour
Our elevation gain was 508 feet
Our lowest elevation point was 4,409 feet above sea level
Our highest elevation point was 4,570 feet above sea level

ANNNND, there's a map that shows our journey:

Here we are, about to hit the trail. Is it just me, or does Chris seem a little less than enthusiastic? Perhaps it's just the sun in his eyes. We saw some neat things along the way. Such as this gold-topped gazebo. And this bridge with hovering tree.A couple years ago we rode along this same path and Chris asked me how much further we had to go. I replied, "Just around the river bend!" I'm such a nube. Anyways, this was the bend I was referring to. Pretty tree tops.
This is Chris acting like Michael Slade, the director of the Eclipse movie. Michael better start welcoming the fans rather than trying to hide because once you're associated with Twilight, you are stalked to the maximus. Everything is so GREEN! I seriously didn't feel like I was in Utah anymore.
My favorite mountain: Timpanogas.
Just riding along.
Though we were sheltered almost the entire time beneath a canopy of trees, I still managed to get a massive sunburn on my face and arms. Even my hands are burned!
A blurred shot of Chris tryin' some moves. A cute wittle baby horsey!We finally reached Utah Lake. I haven't been here since I can remember clearly so it was fun to see new things. I wish we had jet skiis or something to play on like these guys do.
A flock of birds in a "Flying V".
The water is such an interesting color - almost a Robin's Egg Blue. It's been rainy the past couple Saturdays, so I was happy to look up and see nothing but sunshine.Looking back, I noted the "Y" on the mountain.
I put a self timer on my camera to take this picture.When I was going back to check if the picture turned out, I heard someone yell, "Paige!" I turned around and who do I see but the Scrapbook Trends photography duo: Katie and Kristy. It's funny, I hardly ever see them, maybe once every three or four months. But I just saw them last Thursday and then I see them again today at Utah Lake of all places. What a co-inkadink. Being the talented photographers that they are, they generously offered to take our picture again.
On the ride back to the car, a big fat bug flew in my eye. This is my attempt to see if I could see it: take picture of self and see results. Nada. So I just cried it out. Fun day! (Sans bug in eye)

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  1. That looks like a really fun trip. I like the picture of "Shaq" Evans wearing his rollerblades standing next to you. I didn't realize there were sailboats (or even docks) on Utah Lake. I don't recall ever seeing anyone wake boarding or water skiing on that lake.


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