The One with Weekend Highlights

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our plan for Saturday was to wake up early then drive 40 miles to Newport Beach and do a session at the temple. Good thing we called at 6:15am to see if we could get in. Nope. They were completely booked up. We'll try again in a couple weeks and make an appointment beforehand.

Instead we cleaned cages and the apartment and ran errands. One of our stops was to PetCo to get finch seeds, conure seeds, chinchilla pellets, rabbit pellets, and dog food. Nothing for Rachel! The employee who checked us out said, "You guys have a lot of pets." Yes. Yes we do. And if were to get more pets (DON'T WORRY! I WON'T!) would LOVE to get my hands on this pair of beautiful Gouldian finches that I saw at PetCo.

Gouldian finches, in my opinion, are the prettiest bird in the world. Too bad female birds get the shaft. See how bright and colorful the male is? Then the female is just a dull version of the male. She's, like, vintage.

I would also like to get my hands on a gecko - I mean chameleon! (Thank Amy :) So rad.

I love going to pet stores. Makes me feel like a little kid all over again.

Speaking of pets.

Poor Joey is a miserable ball of fur. He got neutered on Friday and as a result has to wear a huge Elizabethan collar. He HATES it. But the second it comes off he tries to chew off his stitches and that would not be a good thing if he ripped them open.

He was having a hard time accessing his food and water, so we trimmed the collar down a bit and now he looks like a space martian.

"I come in peace."

We tell him he's a good boy and that it'll all be over in a week. Until then, we're just smothering him with loves and hoping he'll forgive us.

Last but not least, on our way home from Walmart we saw this ad on the side of a bus.

For the life of us, we couldn't figure out what it means. We get that it's an ad for the Metro, but is it supposed to mean, "I'm over the pump (as in gas?)? I'm too good for the pump? Or is it misspelled and should in fact read "I'm passed the pump"? The world may never know.

PS - I added some cards I made recently and showed here to my etsy shop, so if you're in need of a handmade Valentine's Day card for your lover, check 'em out.


  1. You are so cute - I come in peace! Poor Joey - hope he feels better soon! So glad you had a nice weekend!

  2. I metro past the pumps, meaning you can ride by them and never stop perhaps?

  3. I feel so bad for little Joey. Get better, pup!

  4. ahhhh look at the chamillions hands!!!

  5. did you see dear john? i would love to hear your opinion :)

  6. Poor Joey - I love his space-age head gear!
    And I love those birds - especially the vintage-colored females. So pretty! (Lady cardinals get the shaft in the color dept. too)

  7. Poor guy! =(
    Is that plastic tub all Joey toys?!? And I thought we had alot of toys for Riley! =)

  8. Sorry you didn't get to go to the Temple! :-(

    Looks like lots of fun at the pet store though! And poor Joey! I hope he recovers quickly, so he doesn't have to endure that cone! LOL.

  9. I laughed at Joey!!!! That was poor Jake when we took him in so long ago too. But he didn't stay in his space helmet very long because he managed to get out of it all the time. So we just gave up! But he never chewed his stitches or even messed with them, he just didn't like the helmet!!! LOL.

    I am thinking maybe they are taking from "I am Second" slogan about being second to Christ. A lot of places are doing it now. I think it means they are over the pumps, meaning going to the gas station and wasting money on gas when they can ride the metro! Is it actually cheaper? I haven't ridden a bus in years!!

    Hoping Joey goes smoothly through this!!!!

  10. I come in peace... you crack me up! Poor Joey! Hope he has this off by now! He does look cute though! :)


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