The One with Christmas in Washington Days 1 & 2

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saturday morning we packed - while I packed Fox & Jane's schtuff Jane and Chris had a cuddle session. These are the best days. They grow up way too fast and we have to treasure these moments!
At 1:20pm Brian picked us up and we were on our way! They look thrilled to be traveling :)
Fox loves airplanes and loved looking out the windows at them and saying on repeat "Airplane! Airplane! Airplane!"
My cute babies.
At the Burbank airport you board in the front and back and you access the plane outside. As we were walking past the other passengers waiting to board Fox and Jane started crying a bit and a lady went, "Oh boy..." Chris stood up for our family and said, "Don't worry, they'll be fine." Sheesh people, give us a chance! Fox was so anxious to get on the airplane, he booked it as soon as we was able. Bye kiddo!
See ya lata So Cal!
Semi-family shot. Fox was showing off his Buzz.
Jane slept the entire first plane ride. Fox was in his carseat and watched 101 Dalmatians and ate some pretzels. He was a good boy.
We had a two hour layover in Sacramento. I thought it'd be super crowded since it's the Saturday before Christmas but we found an entire wing practically to ourselves to let Fox get out his pent up excess energy.
It was dinnertime so we wandered through the airport to find some grub.
This was taken .02 seconds before Fox took the Jelly Bellies he's reaching for and threw them on the ground, thus breaking them open and spilling candy everywhere. Did I mention they were $8 jelly beans? You break it you buy it... Thankfully and so generously they didn't make us pay for them. Fooooox...
We got burgers and fries - yum!
Our flight was right on time - rare for this time of year we're told! As we were waiting in line to board Fox just wanted to go go go! We had to hold him back and wait our turn. For some reason, as a lady walked by, he smacked her right on the bum! It was so funny and so embarrassing at the same time! She turned around and laughed and was nice about it. Sheesh Fox!
Both Fox and Jane slept the entire 2 hour flight so Chris and I had a little date and watched The Social Network.
As we were about to get off I noticed Fox had peed through his pants. Luckily we were in the 6th row so we got off quickly. While Chris stayed back with Jane to wait for the stoller I hustled on to find a bathroom. Then I heard, "Paige!?" It was my friend Katie and her family on the way to Utah for Christmas. It was so fun to see her for a bit and catch up! Theeeen, we walked a little further and I heard, "Paige?!" once again and it was a gal and her family also on the way to Utah for Christmas and she reads my blog. It was so fun to see friends!
We met up with Malm and Allie at the end of the terminals and quickly found our bags. 
Then the night turned sour - I knew it was too good to be true with on-time flights and good-natured children. 
Dald was waiting for us in the park and wait and then it LITERALLY took him an hour and forty-five minutes to get from there to a half mile down the road to get us because there was so much traffic. We were all tired and miserable and grumpy. BUT, once Fox saw Grandpa, he ran to him at full speed and gave him the biggest hug and yelled "GRAMPA!!!!". All impatient and angry feelings melted away.
Side note - Fox looks exactly like the kid from The Shining in this picture... 
"Hello Mrs. Torrance..."

I would say we woke up bright and early, but I'd have to leave out the bright part! It doesn't get light here 'til about 8:30am, the sun gets about 45 degrees up in the sky, and it's pitch black by 5pm or so. I didn't really pay that close attention. This must be a little taste of what it's like to live in Alaska! ANYWAY. We were up and at 'em by 7am and reveled in the Christmas decor.
Church is at 1pm so we took our time getting ready in our Sunday best.
 It was the Christmas program filled with lots of Christmas music and lovely stories.
 After church we came home and Fox did his funny thing of climbing in Gypsy's cage.
 This dog is never still!
 Eric and Tanya came by and I noticed all the girls were wearing purple pants! What are the chances?!?!
 Couldn't miss that photo op :)
 Malm made DELICIOUS tacos for dinner!
 This is what Christmas is all about: FAMILY!
Then, don't judge, we're kind of strange and like weird things - we gathered around the TV and watched the X-Files episode How The Ghosts Stole Christmas.
There's a reason we have a son named Fox :)
We're soooooo happy to be home for the holidays!


  1. Great post! I love watching X-Files at Christmas. I raised you well.

  2. I absolutely love the photo of your cute kiddo in cage! love it! and I notice two familiar pretty faces...

  3. Loveeeeee all the photos!! Glad all was good getting there!! And totally love how you did the purple pants photo op in ombre order! LOVE IT!! Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Aw, enjoy your tome with your family! You all look great!

  5. I'm so glad we made it home! Even though we had to wait at the airport for so long, it was worth the wait! And that's so fun someone recognized you from your blog... you're a celebrity :)

  6. Wow! Sounds crazy! Glad you all made there safely though! Have a merry Christmas with your family!

  7. You have a beautiful family, looks like a great trip. I love the name Jane, btw. Merry Christmas,
    The Real McCoy(s)

  8. Man, SeaTac Is a terribly run airport. Oh well, at least the kids were pretty good on the planes and we made it safe and sound!


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