The One with Christmas in Washington Days 7 & 8

Saturday, December 29, 2012

8 days down, 5 days to go!

We woke up at 5am and took Chris to the airport. He flew home to study for the Boards Part II while the kids and I hang out in Washington for a while longer. I miss him so!

I'm keeping up with Jane's monthly photoshoots and had fun with her 5th. I originally got the headband in my size, but I don't really wear headbands, so I hot glued it to a headband her size and she looked like a Grecian Goddess :)
Fox wanted some attention too, poor little guy standing in the doorway all by his lonesome!
Sheesh. Toddlers. Fits and tantrums one second and smiling and happy the next.
At noon Eric and Tanya came over, we packed up our bags, and headed to the cabin at Lake Wenatchee.
Jane and Fox were out like a light within a few miles. They definitely needed some shut eye after being woken up so early to take their daddy to the airport!
Allie, Tanya, and Eric, hanging out in the back. Eric was Mr. anti-social the entire ride with his noise-canceling headphones.
The first snow I've seen this year! So white and pretty!
 Dr. Evans will (not) appreciate this:
The second we got to the cabin my dad realized it was no bueno. A branch had fallen on the powerlines and ripped them from the house. No power = no staying. Sad. We drove 2 hours for naught.
We all had to get out and take some photos though! I didn't think Fox would like the snow. He didn't hate it, but he didn't love it. I'm sure if we had gone sledding he would have been all for it. He's an adrenaline junkie :)
 A picture of Allie taking a picture of Eric and Tanya amidst the beautiful forest. 
Fox likes to hold hands. Here he is leading me through the 3 foot snowbank and also tugging Grandpa along.
If only there was a fireplace to make the cabin warm we would have stayed. Alas, there's not, so we left shortly after arriving. 
 We drove straight to the insurance place in Leavenworth where my dad got some things straightened out and started to get power back at the cabin. It'll be a long process.
While my dad was doing that, I walked around with Fox and took some pictures.
Wenatchee River | Malm holding Jane in a warm and fuzzy blanket to shield her from the cold.
After finishing up at the insurance place, we drove a few blocks to our secret spot to get some pizza for dinner.
 While the pizza was cooking Allie, Tanya, and I walked around Leavenworth to take pictures. We all like to blog frequently so I'm sure we were a sight to behold, snapping pictures left and right every few feet for a few blocks.
Mmmmm, pizza! 
After dinner we drove the 2 hours back home. We spent a long time in the car today, but we got to see and do a lot so it's all good!

This morning I planned to be out the door by 9am to run errands and we were actually out the door at 9:45am. It takes a lot to get three people ready! First stop: the post office to mail out some 2013 calendars!
Then we went to Jo-Ann. It's still always a thrill to see my magazines on the stands :)
 Then we went to Michaels to use up a gift card and then Ben Franklin. It was a good morning - 3 craft stores in as much time! I love this display piece an employee made using the Sketchbook line by Amy Tangerine.
 What a fun way to use these Thickers!
Back at home Jane needed to take a nap. Success!
My family members are always doing something. Allie filled a huge frame with Polaroids and Instax photos then knitted a scarf and hat while my dad installed wood floors on the stairs. He's been working on them the whole time I've been here and he's about halfway through. They look great!
While the kids were napping I raided my sister's scrap stash and found some supplies to use to scrap some assignments. It was a fun challenge to use only what was on hand.  
 And now we're watching Dark Knight Rises while I bloggity blog.


  1. First of all, Jane has to be the most beautiful baby in the history of babies. And that is not an exaggeration. I just hope she doesn't grow too fond of that thumb of hers....

    Those pictures of Fox standing in the door way are classic Fox. He is such a little faker! He is totally just playing his cuteness to get attention. Look at that smile he can't hold back! I love that little guy! I wish I there to take him sledding! We'd have some serious fun!

    Miss you three!

  2. Great photos!!! Bummer you couldn't stay at the cabin -- but glad you got to walk around a bit and take some great pics!! LOVING the AC projects you found at Joann's!! That's AWESOME!!!

  3. Iust say that Edward never had an interest in a paci, but he did discover his thumb around five months old. He only put his thumb in his mouth when he was very tired.. so itight not be a constant thong ;)

  4. gorgeous photos, cute kiddos and so much more. The cabin looks amazing, sad you didn't get to stay...but thanks for sharing the journey!

  5. Even though your weekend didn't go exactly as planned, it looks like one fun, spontaneous adventure. I am jealous of all the beautiful things you got to see and experience! Hope your Christmas was awesome! :)

  6. It was a bummer that the power was out, but I still had a fun time walking around Leavnworth with you and the family! Jane definitely looks like a grecian goddess :) And Fox is adorable as always!

  7. Oh gosh, that picture of Fox and all of his expressions! SO TRUE! I love this! Miss you guys already!!!!


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