The One with Christmas in Washington Days 3 & 4

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On Christmas Eve, Fox, in true toddler fashion, woke up and would be super sad one second and happy as a clam the next. 
Allie had arranged a family Christmas photoshoot so we all got dressed and then met up together outside Happy Valley Grange.
With a little help of modern technology, Allie was able to view, edit, and finalize the Christmas card in the car and take the document on a flashdrive to Staples where they printed the card in the blink of an eye.
 More pretties. 
The sun came out for a bit! Made my day.
We had a chillaxed afternoon, playing, napping, watching shows. 
Sweet baby Jane. 
While the kids were napping, Chris and I played a game of Battleship. I won, miraculously. I had the 2-hit boat left to find and Chris had to find my 5-hit boat. Just sayin' :)
 For dinner we went to yummy Yummy Teriyaki! Note: I always carry an extra pair of clothes for both Fox and Jane, just in case. So glad I do because Fox spilled his ice water on himself as soon as we sat down, so he sported some pajama bottoms the rest of the night. 
Then we went to Target for our $5 Taylor Family Christmas Tradition. We drew names at Yummy and then had 15 minutes to find a $5 gift for that person. 
It was Jane's first time sitting in a cart.
All done shopping! 
Then we rushed home, wrapped the $5 presents, opened them, and continued with our Christmas Eve ritual by reading the story of Christ's birth. 
 Dald started a fire which Fox found fascinating.
  We gathered a plethora of Christmas movies and did a complicated round of elimination and decided on Elf. Then Eric suggested we bag the Christmas movie and watch more X-Files instead. We all agreed! We watched two of our most very favorite episodes: Small Potatoes and Bad Blood. Merry Christmas Eve?

Fox woke up at 6:30 but we weren't opening presents 'til 7:30 so I entertained him for an hour with food and YouTube videos. I love the magic of Christmas!
We always open presents from smallest to biggest. Fox hated the Zurg toy that we got him, wah wahhh. The arm is moveable so he thinks it's broken. Silly boy.
 And then we always have a "treasure hunt" at the end which leads to a fun surprise.
My two best presents! 
Besides my babies my favorite gift would have to be all of this high quality felt! I can't wait to die cut it and use it on layouts and cards. 
Opening presents is no small feat! It wore Fox out!
 We got Eric a remote controlled helicopter and had fun watching him learn how to pilot it.
 We ended the night with a Christmas feast and watched Taken 2.
 Lots more fun in store!


  1. Great pics!! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee Fox's little Elf outfit he wore on Christmas!!!

  2. Lovely pictures! Looks like you guys had an amazing Christmas! I love your Christmas eve traditions..... so much fun! <3

  3. Hi Paige- that's a great place for a family photo! I'll have to remember that. We are just up the hill in
    Sammamish. Our pumpkin patch that we take the kids too is right near there. It's fun to see familiar places around town in your shots. It's quite impressive how much energy you have with two little ones. My youngest is already 18 mo old and I'm always impressed with how much you do!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! And I LOVE Jane's PJs! Those are precious!!! :-) Where did you get them?


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