The One with Jane at 5 Months

Friday, December 28, 2012

This sweet angel baby of mine is 5 months new today!
Length: 25" (50-75%) 
 Weight: 14 pounds 9 ounces (50-75%) 
 Head circumference: 16.5" (50-75%)

What's new with Jane since the last month? Just a few things!
Fox has definitely been nicer towards her this month - even going as far as to give her hugs and kisses on demand! Progress!
She's still happy as always, but she definitely prefers to be held and doesn't like being in her bouncer as much. We have put away the swing so she mostly hangs out in our arms or on the floor under her activity mat or in a bumbo.
No teeth yet! Thank goodness :)
 Jane has the cutest laugh, if you can even call it that - it's more of a half hearted giggle.

We still don't know if her baby blues will stay - but I hope so! I really don't think Fox's were ever this blue.
She does this funny thing whenever something is in front of her face: pacifier, toy, milk, etc: she attacks like a shark!

Her daily routine at 5 months is as follows:
6:30am - wake up and eat
8:30am - nap
9:30am - play!
1pm - eat then nap
4pm - play
6pm - bedtime routine: rice cereal, bath, fall asleep in my arms nursing
6:30pm - asleep for the night in her crib
Anywhere from 11pm-1am - wake up to eat then we bring her into our room so as not to wake up Fox
Sometimes she wakes up again at 2 or 3 or 4 or 5. She hasn't really gotten nighttime feedings down or eliminated. Much to my chagrin :)
At 6 months we're hoping for sleeping through the night, or at least 6:30pm-4:30am.
She smiles so easily - just by looking at her you can get a smile.
She's a great observer and loves watching Fox doing whatever he does.
She's rolling over onto her side more and more but not all the way over. She's not really interested in sitting up or crawling either. That's okay with me! Once they're mobile it's a whole different ball game! I want her to stay my baby as long as possible.
Her neck is still tilted to her right - a mild case of torticolis - so we're taking her to a physical therapist next week. Hopefully it won't be too traumatic to fix. Keep you posted. 
She sleeps like superman! Or rather, superwoman - arms up!
Geez Louise she melts my heart like butter! I love giving her big hugs and smooches!
These five months have flown by! Slow down!


  1. Holy moly, could your little girl be ANY more beautiful?! :) you are so blessed girl!

  2. Sooo precious!
    Just found your blog from His Little Lady. Love it!
    New follower! Follow me back too?

  3. WOW! She is beautiful!!!! I love her eyes! <3 I have a special fondness for blue eyes even though everyone in my family has either brown or green eyes. :-)

  4. She is gorgeous, loved her pics and her laugh! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. what a cutie and LOVE LOVE that pretty white dress!!!!!

  6. She is just ADORABLE!!! I loveeeeeeeeee these photos!!!!

  7. She is beagtiful. You and Chris make beautiful babies!

  8. WOW! That went by FAST! LOL. Oh, she is so so so cute!! And sheesh... I need to get her stuff in the mail! LOL! Sorry. Life is crazy! :-p

  9. abigail came out always looking right too. our motto became "choose the left!"

  10. so beautiful!!!


  11. such a cute post.

  12. Wow, lovely pics. Love the white dress.

  13. Oh, her little giggle is just the cutest! And she is definitely an observer! I loved watched her face when Eric would fly the helicopter around, too perfect!!


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