The One with Christmas in Washington Days 5 & 6

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What a wonderful past two days!
My little sister is getting married so we had an appointment early in the morning to look at the Happy Valley Grange for her wedding reception.
It's a blank slate - perfect for decorating however she pleases!
The kitchen is a mint green - how stylish :)
This was a quilt hanging on the background of the stage. I got some scrappy inspiration from it!
Back at home we all got ready then hit up Redmond Town Center (or, excuse me, Redmond Towne Centre) for the sales at GAP.
Whoever decided to make an outdoor mall in Washington musta been taking crazy pills. I think I've said that here before. But I still think it every time I go there.
REI. Rock climbing anyone?
We went to Qdoba for lunch but my hands were full of children so no pictures. At home we did this and that until dinner when Eric and Tanya came over for a fun three rounds of Uno Attack and then we watched my most favorite movie in the whole wide world right now: Pitch Perfect.

I did some work in the morning (magazines never sleep!) and then we all headed across the water to Seattle to go to our favorite Thai place: Mae Phim. No trip home is complete without it! I ALWAYS get #14, the Mae Phim Special, with no bell peppers. Jane was snug as a bug in a rug in her carseat. She's an angel.
Afterwards we ran around the block taking pictures at all the amazing photo ops. 
My brother. This is so him.

Ivy covered walls galore.
Too many pictures to post, so here's a condensed overview of Seattle.

Walking snapshot.
 We were going to go to the Pacific Science Center, but the King Tut exhibit was sold out so we decided to go up to the top of the Columbia Tower instead.

My mom is NOT a fan of elevators and seriously had panic attacks in the flights up.
 Note to self: go on this new Ferris wheel. There were a couple of people in the radio room broadcasting - what a view they have!
Colorful buildings.

I spy the Space Needle.
Views from the top.

Once we were done reveling in the amazing views, we were craving some cookies so we walked to Cow Chip.
 And then we were back in the car headed home. Pretty baby Jane and her baby blues.

Oh wait, we had to make a pit stop at Costco to get some essentials.
This was the first time we put both Fox and Jane in the cart. Be still my heart!

It's Jane's 5 month birthday tomorrow so that's what's in store! We're having so much fun "on holiday!"


  1. Redmond has been so fun with you! I'm glad you came to the Happy Valley Grange with me. Next time you're in Seattle we're DEFINITELY going on the ferris wheel!

    p.s. you have cute kids :)

  2. I can't believe you took a picture of my panic attack! Other than that. . . great post Pailge. It sure was a fun day!

  3. I hear the King Tut exhibit is not worth it, so don't worry about missing it.

  4. Beautiful pics! I LOVE your babies headband, I'm assuming you made it? Can I buy one? I'm totally serious
    The Real McCoy(s)

  5. Loving the photos... the one with you sticking your tongue out is CUTE!!!! And I love Pitch Perfect too!! We saw it on my birthday earlier this month! :)

  6. Hey Melissa - I get all of Jane's hairbands from these etsy shops:

  7. just found your blog! so cute!

  8. How fun! Great photos! I love your blog.


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