The One with Fox & Jane's 1st Day of Pre-School

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Yesterday Fox & Jane started school!
While everyone was taking Sunday afternoon naps I quickly made a cut file that I used as a template with a chalk marker on the chalkboard signs I bought in Gelnhausen. 

Sunday night Chris gave each of the kids a Priesthood blessing, just like our fathers used to do for us.
Monday morning we took photos to document the big day!
This is Fox's third year of pre-school (he missed the age cut off by 6 weeks... It should be a matter of testing knowledge and not of age, in my humble opinion...) and Jane's first year of pre-school! They'll only be one grade apart: she'll be in 1st, he'll be in 2nd, etc. I hope Fox always protects and watches over his little sister and keeps her boyfriends in check.
 On our way out the door!
 Here we go!
 Fox was a little upset that his jacket didn't have a hood because it was raining.

First we dropped Fox off in his room then I took Jane over to her room. Driving back home, I felt a little lonely! Definitely not the feeling I was expecting, because, I'll be honest, I've been looking forward to having 3 hours to myself every day to GET.STUFF.DONE! So, a bit of an adjustment period I suppose. Here's to productivity and a fun and great year for the kiddos!


  1. Fun recap of the day! They both looked adorable in those photos! We sure make some cute kids!

  2. Awwwwwwwww they are ADORABLE!! I love Jane's hair!!!!!!!

  3. They are so cute! You guys make cute kids! I love Chris's shirt too!

  4. CUTENESS overload! I hear ya--I remember that feeling of, I'm lonely! ;) Makes their stories that much sweeter when they come home! :)

  5. Your kids win best dressed award!!! (I think I want Jane's outfit in my size!!) I am soooo looking forward to pre-school! We won't be in our house in time for London to start, but NEXT YEAR!!! ;)


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