The One with Nabburg, Germany

Monday, September 14, 2015

On Saturday August 22nd 2015, the weather was promising to be perfect so we checked a bucketlist city off our list - Nabburg!
We have driven by Nabburg dozens of times, always on the way to somewhere else, and have been captivated by its beauty every time we've seen it. A city perched atop a hill capped with a church? Yes please!

A short 45 minute drive later, we parked on the main street. I spy a blue bike! So cute!
Summer is my favorite when the flower boxes come out and give already colorful buildings even more color.
We didn't have a guide and the information we did find was all in German, so we just walked all around and it was perfect and lovely.
Looking up the main street.
Pink, green, flowers, a mini door. Basically heaven.
We found a bench in front of a particularly cute building and used it as a family photo op.
I'm always fascinated by homes - people live there, they have and a mom and a dad and friends and jobs and hobbies. What's their story?!
The church doors were closed so we walked around it.

I've always wondered where the "SAD" :( license plates came from! Answer: Schwandorf.
Details from our walk.

I wonder how old some of these things are.
Fox and Jane looking out over the town.
Lots of these archways - they make for fun frames!
Typically beautiful German town.
At the bottom part of town are a few buildings with fancy painted exteriors.
Sun flares! This new camera does this a lot more.
Probably an old entrance to town.
I had flowers in our windows for a couple weeks. Then they died. I'll try again next year :)
We walked around for a couple hours, enjoyed the quaintness of Nabburg, and then drove home in time for lunch and naps!
The view of Nabburg from the autobahn - makes my heart go pitter patter every time!
Apparently the interior of the church is something to behold so we'll have to go back :)


  1. Looks like a fun day trip! LOVING all the photos!! The flowers are beautiful!!!!!

  2. That was a fun morning! Thanks for making us stop!

  3. Hi Paige, can you tell me the name of the cruise/ship that you travelled on. I think my son might have been on the same one! Love all your photos & travel info. Fantastic!

  4. Tracey - we were on the Royal Caribbean "Serenade of the Seas" :)

  5. What a gorgeous town! I agree - one is left wondering what it's like to live, work and love your family in that community. Which then got me to thinking - where are all the people from this town? Generally your amazing pictures pick up signs of everyday life but this must be a very quiet community! Is it located near a bigger city so that it's people may be gone and working? Things to wonder about...... :)

  6. Oh my, what a super beautiful and quaint town...I want to move there! LOVE!

  7. What a perfect day trip! Love the doors and archways! And back before nap time!! Victory!


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