The One with Heidelberg, Germany

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Last stop of Labor Day weekend: the historic town of Heidelberg, Germany! Not too long ago there were US Army troops stationed here, but no more. How cool a post would that have been? 
Heidelberg remains one of the best-known and most visited cities in Germany. It has graceful baroque towers and the majestic ruins of its red sandstone castle. The local university was founded in 1386 and is Germany's oldest, so above all, Heidelberg is a university town. Students make up 20% of its population lending a youthful spirit to the old city. In 1930 the university expanded rapidly and now its buildings dot the entire landscape of Heidelberg. Also from this grand city, the narrow and quiet Necker Valley makes its way east and south eventually to Stuttgart.
Käthe Wohlfhart store sighting.
Rick Steves doesn't even cover Heidelberg in his book (whyyyyyy ever not?) so we had to resort to a Fodor's guide. 
In its heyday, scores of poets and virtually the entire 19th century German Romantic movement sung the praises of the city. Goethe and Mark Twain both fell in love here: Goethe with a young woman and Twain with the city itself.
As we wandered down Haupstrasse I saw the coolest pasta bows ever. I couldn't eat them! They are too beautiful.
Flowers out the wazoo!
On Marktplatz stands the Heiliggeistkirche, the Church of the Holy Ghost. The foundation stone of this gothic church was laid in 1398 but it wasn't totally finished until 1544.
The Hotel zum Ritter on the square is the only Renaissance building in Heidelberg, built in 1592. It was built as the private home of a wealthy merchant and is charming and elegant.
I'll never get sick of the views down any random street in Europe. Beautiful.
Quaint cafes e'rywur.
The Holländer Hof Hotel is in an ornate 19th century building.
Then we headed out onto the Alte Brücke. Framed by two Spitzheim towers, this bridge was part of Heidelberg's medieval fortifications.
Looking back on the lovely town from across the river.
From the old town we spied a pathway winding up a hill which I was sure would have great views of the city, so up we went.
Europe is often not stroller friendly. The path was steep and super bumpy and broken up with long stretches of stairs. Chris and the kids finally gave up about 90% of the way to the top and stopped at an overlook point.
I couldn't stop this close to the top so I persevered by myself. Selfie time!
Great views of the city were indeed to be had! You can see the beautiful ruins of the castle on the left of the photo on the hill above the old town.
Back near the river we got a stroller selfie. Here is the Evans Family in Heidelberg, Germany on Saturday, September 5th 2015.
It was the first football game of the season for BYU and for the past couple years as we've traveled around Europe Chris has worn this BYU shirt on gamedays and snapped a picture. Go Cougs! They won on an incredible last second "Hail Mary."
Beautiful houses on the far bank of the river.
The castle with its striking architectural variety. The oldest parts still standing date from the 15th century, though most of the castle was built during the Renaissance in the baroque styles of the 16th and 17th centuries. There's even an "English wing" built in 1612 for one of the residents Scottish bride.
Back in the market square.
Who can pass up a Lindt chocolate store? Not us! 
The nearby Peterskirche is the final resting place of many famous residents of Heidelberg.
The building is more than 500 years old and has a clean, yet beautiful interior.
More architectural gems around the town. This is a college library that we parked under.
The weather was cloudy but stayed dry and we are always grateful for days we don't get rained on.
That's the end of this trip! A whole new set coming up for Ireland :)


  1. Beautiful city! LOVING the colors!! And that pasta!! I wouldn't have eaten it either! It's too PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great post! That was a fun stop!

  3. Glad that you went to Heidelberg!! Believe it or not, I visited that university town in the late 80s and we stayed in the Novotel there...and met up with hubby's cousin (who was doing her PhD at the time). This city is actually pretty awesome, I am also surprised that Rick Steve didn't have it covered! You post make me want to check my old photos! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous! A far cry from The Heidelburger" hamburger stand in Leavenworth. But we'll have to go there sometime in the future just to make you feel nostalgic.


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