The One with the What's Your Story Bracelet

Friday, September 18, 2015

What's your story? Tell it in bracelet form then wear it loud and proud!
Here is the story about my bracelet: I chose pink for the bands because I LOVE pink. It's my favorite color, which is funny because I used to make fun of my mom for how much she loves pink. Like mother like daughter I guess! I chose a double strap so it can hold even more charms to tell my story. The first charm is "dream" because a lifelong huge dream of mine is coming true soon - stay tuned! There is a pair of scissors because aside from being a mom, scrapbooking is my passion. Hand-in-hand with scrapbooking is photography, so a camera charm does trick! Mint is a close second for my favorite color so I wanted to have a bit of that included! On the second row I have a P for Paige - that's me! Next is a fox because I have a son named Fox: since I was about 10 years old we watched the X-Files together as a family and I thought the name Fox Mulder was so cool. I'm so happy my husband agreed and liked the name! We absolutely love to travel so an Eiffel Tower symbolizes that part of our lives. We've been to 30 countries so far while living overseas; it's a lot of work, but it's so worth it to see so many amazing things. And finally, a lovely "love" charm because I love so many things and I think it's a good idea to try and focus on the positive. This will be a good (and pretty!) reminder. 
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