Denver Botanic Gardens

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The day after visiting Red Rocks we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens. Checking off another fun bucketlist item now that warm weather has arrived in the rockies!
We went into a big tropical greenhouse first.

A new addition to the exhibit is this blue poisonous frog, kept safe behind glass.
I'm all about this art installation.

Some greenhouses you can't go in but you can still view from the outside.
Cute kiddos. We found a baby bun.

Look at Jane protecting Fox from falling in the lake.
Bonsai tree #1.
Bonsai tree #2.
Love this cactus.
Snapshots of pretty things we saw.

There is a neighborhood just on the other side, those lucky folks who get to look over into these lovely gardens!
Lone pink flower on this cactus.
A slice of peace in a bustling metropolis.
This old house covered in vines is now the admin building.
With a neat Chihuly glass installation out front.
Aren't they a"door"able :)
I love their enthusiasm for nature and animals. They were fascinated by this butterfly that stopped in their tracks.
Arch views.
We waited until the lunch place opened and got some food. Yay for sweet potato fries!
Note to self: find some of these pretty purple flowers for our yard.
Another lovely day exploring our new hometown!


  1. Looks like a fun adventure! Great pics!

  2. Such gorgeous gardens!!!!! Loving all the photos!!!!!

  3. Every moment memorable (and scrapable). You take such nice photo's Paige. Do you use a proper camera? How lovely are your little dumplings and Jane making sure Fox is safe. Really, what a sweet tribe you are raising. The art installation is so cool and pretty. My favourite colour combo too. You really picked a fabulous place to call home, Cheers xK


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