When Malm, Allie & Daisy Came to Visit

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Last weekend my mom (Malm) flew in from Seattle and my sister Allie and niece Daisy came from Vegas to hang with us!
We stopped for lunch at Taco Bell (where else?!) dropped off their things, took a tour, and then headed to Park Meadows to shop. Allie made these cute fabric dolls (which sold out in two hours! Way to go sis!) and she brought one for Jane. 
 Aaaaand she brought me my favorite chocolates in the whole wide world from Belgium - Neuhaus Irresistables. Mmmmm.
 Playing with Phoebe.
 Sister selfie.
 We hung out in the back yard a ton. The weather was perfect.
 The next morning we went to Garden of the Gods. 
It was so cool. Nature is amazing. 
 We got Chick-fil-a for lunch and hung out outside more.
 For dinner we went to Crave Burger, my fave.
 The next morning we visited Chris at work and Malm took Allie's teeth whitening appointment since she's doing invisiline. Looking cute Malm :) But for real, her teeth got 8 shades whiter! The difference is insane!
 Meanwhile, we went to LaMars donuts and as fate would have it it was National Donut Day and they were handing out free donuts!
 Of course we got more because who can eat just one?
 We walked up and down Main Street in cute downtown Littleton, window shopped, and paused for photo ops.
 Definitely need a floral wagon cut file to go along with this pic!
The weather was cray cray & beautiful on the way to the airport.
Even saw a rainbow on the way home.
Loved having my mom, sis, and niece come visit! Hope they'll be back soon!


  1. That was a superfun trip. Your pics turned out a lot better than mine (even the lovely one of my teeth). Thanks for having us!

  2. How FUN!!! Loving all the pics!!! Fox hamming it up in all of them is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  3. My gosh, I'd not heard of Garden of The Gods before ! It's stunning and so fun to be able to run, climb and jump (great jump kids). They must have had a really great sleep that night :) I can't figure out how you all eat all day, including donuts and stay so slim?? Is there a Taylor secret that you can share :D I was admiring the design on your patio, did you stencil it ?? What a happy visit, Colorado looks like lot's of fun :D PS, I'm madly in love with Phoebe and your bed cover.....in that order, ha! Cheers xK


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