First Flight Layout by Zsoka Marko

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Hello lovelies, Zsoka Marko back with you today sharing a new layout for the Paige Evans Design Team! I've used Paige's latest collection, Horizon on this one. I wanted to use some paper that I haven't seen used all that much before (so obviously rainbow paper OUT haha!) and when I went through the collection, Paper 17 caught my eye, with all those super cute suitcases! We travel often, not as much as before Maxim was born, but still quite often. So finding a picture wouldn't have been hard. BUT. The picture that I instantly thought of was one of Maxim in his car seat on top of some suitcases on the airport trolley. It was his first flight, alone with me. In retrospect this is a super funny story. That day I obviously did NOT think so. Bear with me here...
I fussy cut out all suitcases (I didn't actually need all of them for this layout) and because I like my projects to be sturdy, I also glued all of the suitcases onto heavy weight cardstock and then cut them out again. Mind you, not the handles. Those are so small, I would never be able to do that LOL! I played with the arrangement - I originally only wanted two rows but the layout felt empty, so I went with three. I added foam adhesive behind each suitcase as well as my photo and adhered them to the background Paper 21. I wrote my super long journaling on a tag and because both sides are full, I have to be able to turn this around. I wanted the tag to stay in place, so after threading some twine through the handle holes I glued down the twine behind the tag, plus I added an airplane Shaped Paper Clip in the front so it stays put.
OK, back to the story! Earlier that day my mom called me and listed all the things I shouldn't forget. I mean back then I seriously wrote lists of things I needed to pack, organized by rooms (as in what I need from each room). And she kept saying, "Just don't lock yourself out, always have the keys in your hands". I'll tell you what, I have never ever ever locked myself out in 31 years so honestly I was perfectly relaxed. Then the taxi came. Me, holding Maxim on one arm, started to put the suitcases outside, keeping the door open with one of my legs. One of them fell... What's my automatic reaction?! Trying to stop it from falling, so I stepped outside. OMG. Door shut closed behind me. Full on panic. I had my phone in my pocket so I called Martin, because he is generally super calm. What do I do, what do I do?! The taxi is here, half my stuff is inside (like flight tickets, passports, wallet, and all those necessary things! This was before I owned a smart phone, too.). The balcony door was open! Lucky for me we used to live on the first floor (or second if you are in the US). Martin told me to go around in our street and check if anyone had a ladder. There was a company across the street that had a ladder but it didn't go half way up the balcony. Eventually someone found a ladder that reached the bottom of our balcony, so I gave my baby to this person, climbed up, and then somehow managed to pull myself up. I still remember what I was wearing. Crazy! Also, thank goodness I was young and thin and relatively fit back then, I could never do this now! By the time we checked in at the airport I was calm but I didn't tell any of this to my parents before landing in Vienna. All this trouble for a one hour flight seriously?! AAAAAND what does my mom say?! I TOLD YOU SO!
Back to the layout! I pulled out some StickersEpoxy StickersCharms, & Ephemera Die Cuts and embellished my page. Last but not least I added my title with the Thickers and some white acrylic paint splatters. Done!
I hope I could inspire you to go get crafty and maybe put a smile on your face with my story. It's one I wouldn't ever forget even if I didn't have this page, but I felt like it needed to be documented. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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  1. Loveeeeeee this! LOVING that sweet photo and how you did all the luggage on the banners!!!!!

  2. Great layout and funny (in retrospect) story. I think I will lift this for the first page of one of our travel albums--we always try to get a picture with us and our luggage at the airport or train station.


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