Animal Kingdom

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Tuesday was our day at Animal Kingdom!
After grabbing breakfast at the hotel we walked out to meet our Uber to the park. We quickly found out that relying on the resort bus system to get back to our hotel was very, very slow. Thankfully, Disney World allows rideshares and they only cost a couple of bucks to get to the various parks. 
Cool spooky-looking trees.
I love the palm trees.
After scanning our Magic Bands, we entered in and snapped a picture in front of the Tree of Life.
Our Conciears, Lyndsey, recommended that we head straight to Pandora to get on the Avatar ride that we didn't have a FastPass for. Look how cool this area of the park is!
Legit looks like floating rocks.
Her advice was spot on. We zipped right through the line to the ride.
Family selfie on the Na'vi River Journey boat ride.
This ride was trippy. In a kind of cool way.
We left Pandora because our FastPass for the other Avatar ride wasn't until the afternoon and headed to Africa.
A large part of Animal Kingdom is zoo exhibits which are super fun.
Checking out the wildlife.
The sights were turtle-ly rad.
Don't you fish you were here?
Definitely more fun than school (school of fish, get it?)
We had a little time before our FastPass to ride the Kilimanjaro Safari so we kept exploring the animal exhibits in Africa.
Zeebras and Meerkats.
This gorilla had the right idea. Kick back and relax in the shade.
Christmas colors.
From Africa you can hop a train out to another area of the park so that's what we did.
This train is fun. It sways and rattles like a rickety old Safari train.
My cute family.
Jane matching the flowers!
The train stop is an animal conservation area, veterinary clinic, and petting zoo.
Me matching the flowers!
The petting zoo area had goats and cows and sheep that you could pet and brush.
On the train back to Africa.
They've done such a good job with the details that you really do feel like your exploring an eastern African town.
Isn't it cool?
Great view of the Tree of Life from here, too.
We still had a few minutes before our Safari so we stopped in this shady corner to eat a snack.
Popcorn refill time.
The crowds really weren't too bad. Busy, but not overwhelming.
Then it was our turn for the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride.
Chris is a little (or a LOT) sun-phobic.
This ride is a lot of fun. You hop in these big jeep-like vehicles and ride through open exhibits of all sorts of African animals.
Safari selfie!
Finkamingos! That's what little Jane used to call them. She still loves them to this day, as you can see by the shirt she picked out to wear.
Picture time after the ride.
Nearby in the Africa area was the Lion King show. We were just in time and got some of the last seats in the theater.
It was a really fun show! Acrobats and dancers and singers. Everything Disney does is good.
Up close and personal with some finkamingos.
Jane's happy place.
Bird show in front of the Tree of Life.
Apparently they are brother and sister and were fighting like it, ha!
Next we walked over to Asia!
Mighty Mount Everest. 
Great spot for a family picture.

Fun Disney added effects. Hard to act cold when it's 85 degrees.
Chris decided to scout out the Everest ride with Fox before I took Jane. As you can tell by Fox's face, it was pretty intense. Jane decided she didn't want to go so I jumped on by myself.
Is this really still Orlando, Florida?
Monkeys just hangin' out.
After exploring Asia we wandered down to DinoLand U.S.A.
Most of this area was kind of cheesy, pay-extra-for-them carnival games. Not really our thing.
But, there were a couple of rides, too.
Heading in to ride Dinosaur.
We had never been on this ride and had no idea what to expect. It was very similar to Indiana Jones at Disneyland, but pretty scary and intense for the kids with the animatronic dinosaurs. 
Animal Kingdom has become one of our favorite parks at Disney World.
Back in Pandora it was hard to tell which plants were real and which were fake for the Avatar world.
This really is a cool area.
Our last FastPass was for Avatar Flight of Passage. The line for this thing was massive from the minute the park opened and never got shorter. Thankfully Lyndsey had gotten us the FastPasses for it.
The kids smiling after surviving flying on the back of a banshee. This might have been Fox's favorite ride.
Last photo in the park!
Then it was back to the hotel for dinner and pool time.
It was a great day at Animal Kingdom!

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