Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Today was all about EPCOT!
We actually got a little "sneak preview" of it on Tuesday night. After pool time we decided to be spontaneous (who?! Us?! Crazy town!) and hop on the Skyliner directly to EPCOT. Might as well make use of those Park Hopper tickets!
Evanses after dark!
The Skyliner has its own park entrance that lets you in right near the France pavilion. So charming.
After a fun evening of strolling around and getting a few treats, we packed it in for the evening. We awoke to another beautiful day!
Heading to Old Port Royale for breakfast.
There's the Skyliner. Super handy.
My breakfast almost every morning: eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and Mickey waffles!
Back on the Skyliner to EPCOT!
And we're off!
A quaint English tableau at the UK pavilion.
Love all things British.
Flowers. Swoon.
Our first stop was to ride Soarin'.
Soarin' selfie. It's always a fun, relaxing ride.
The main atrium of The Land building.
In the same building as Soarin' is a little boat ride that shows some of the research Disney is doing into food production and farming.
Geodesic dome greenhouse.
Mickey-shaped pumpkin!
Another look at the colorful main atrium of The Land building.
Next it was over to The Seas with Nemo and Friends.
Jane is adorbs.
The iconic Spaceship Earth.
Across the way from Nemo is the ride Mission: Space. This was a 3-D simulated space adventure. Pretty fun!
After those rides clustered near the main entrance, we started walking around the World Showcase. First up was Mexico.
It's always a fiesta here.
Us on the Grand Fiesta Tour boat ride.
Reminds me of the Blue Bayou restaurant that overlooks Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland.
Sugar skulls galore.
Norway, ja!
Some Frozen-themed treats.
Replica stave church just like the real one we saw in Norway.
The old viking ride has been updated and is now Frozen Ever After.
Fox was having fun!
Troll-tally great photo op.
So pretty everywhere you look.
China was next on the loop.
Then it was on to our personal favorite: Germany!
Picture with our massive soft pretzel.

Chris was off getting some apple strudel.
Hey, we know that place! Würzburg was just down the autobahn from us in Germany.
Then it was on to Italy.
All of these pavilions are so fun to explore.
Venice and Verona and Vernazza all in one place.
Jane in front of a traditional Japanese Torii.
Morockin' Morocco.
And France once again.
We breezed through EPCOT and a little after lunch we were ready to rest for a bit and then head over to Hollywood Studios.
Skyliner selfie.
Great day at EPCOT!

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