Hollywood Studios

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The last park we visited was Hollywood Studios!
We took a little break at the hotel after a fun morning at EPCOT, then we hopped on the other Skyliner and rode over to Hollywood Studios.
The name "Sunshine State" definitely fits.
Old time-y Hollywood vibes.
My people.
Our first stop was over to one of my favorites: the Hollywood Tower of Terror!
But first, family photo time!

In California they've re-branded this ride as some Guardians of the Galaxy thing, but here in Florida it is still the original.
Love it.
I convinced Fox to ride it with me.
He did NOT enjoy it, poor guy. I on the other hand, loved it :)

Chris and Jane went and watched a Beauty and the Beast live show while we rode the ride so we met up afterward and headed over to Toy Story Land.
We rode Midway Madness, which is always a fun ride. I absolutely killed Chris on the score somehow. It was a "cremation slaughter" as my family says.
Nearby was the Slinky Dog Coaster. While we were eating some dinner we debated back and forth about waiting for almost an hour to ride it and decided, might as well!
Finally on the ride.
It was a blast!
By the time we finished waiting and riding, the sun had gone down and the lights came on. The parks seem even more magical at night.
"Space Ranger!"
Continuing around the park we walked into the Star Wars area.
The Millennium Falcon.
This was a fun area to walk around and take in all the atmosphere. There is some new ride here that was impossible to ride unless you got FastPasses months ago. You couldn't even just wait in line. If you didn't have a reserved ride time, you couldn't get on. Crazy!

Using the force!

Fun afternoon and evening at Hollywood Studios! And that's the last re-cap of our magical & memorable vacation to Orlando, FL! So glad we were able to go before it closed due to the Corona Virus. Thanks again to Lyndsey for planning our entire trip!

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