January 2020 Highlights

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Here is what we were up to in January!
I got my first samples of Bloom Street and made 8 layouts, a coptic book, and a mini album with what I was sent. LOTS more to come!
Cafe Rio is our favorite.
For Activity Days I taught the girls how to make these colorful butterflies.
Knee deep in Creativation prep!
We tried a new to us burger place called Bad Daddy's. I'd go back!
I got bangs! For a day. Decided they're too high maintenance and now they're pinned back every day lol.
Creativation 2020 was so amazing. I have a full recap coming tomorrow! Here's a little sneak peek.
I am so bad with words. I speak through my art. But I just want to say that I love these ladies. Oh so much. They get me! They understand me to my core! Every time I'm with them I feel uplifted.

Picking the kids up from school after Coding Club.
I took a turn reading to Jane's class so I thought this book was appropriate. (Chris, my hubby, her daddy, is a dentist ;)
Fox asked if we could go to the mall to get a Mrs. Field's cookie one Saturday, so we did.
While there we ate lunch in the food court.
The sunsets here never get old. Each one is unique and beautiful.
Chris and I went on a fun date! We went to the range and then got some yummy Thai food.
My mini album obsession continues!
Chris sent me this photo. I love my cat and want to be her sometimes.


On the last day of January we went to Arby's for dinner. Fox has finally decided he likes the bun.
My Bloom Street order came!
LOL to this. When referencing the above photo hehehe.

On the crafty front, I reached a fun milestone on Instagram! Thank you to each and every one of you for following along my crafty endeavors!

So excited to be joining Scrapbook & Cards Today for another year not only as a Design Team member but also as the new Creative Editor! Thankful for this opportunity to surround myself with even more scrapbooking!!
Did you grab all the free cut files in January in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook group?

And this is the free cut file included in my latest newsletter - have you subscribed? I include a free cut file with every email :)

Here is a quick overview of all the scrappy projects I shared in January along with links to their individual blog posts:
2019 Favorites Layout

Bloom Street Coptic Book (no blog post yet - waiting to create kits!)

Live Life in Full Bloom Layout
Assisi, Italy Mini Album (full blog post coming on the 6th!)
Fun-filled, busy month, I need to take more real-life, behind the scenes, what's really going on between all the craftiness photos :)


  1. As a wearer of bangs for many years, you are right, they are SO much maintenance!!! LOL!! I don't do well in wind, when I have to wash my face, forget rides that are water related!! LOL!!! But I digress, I hate my forehead more, so they stay! HA!!! I love all your highlights from Jan.!!!! You created some AMAZING projects this month!!!! You are always SO INSPIRING!!!!!!!

  2. Now that I've PIN'd practically your entire post (ha) I will say bravo for another action packed month. Your Bloom Street coptic book is
    off-the-charts ! That photo of Rachel made me laugh. She looks so content. I have two kitties, both black and each with their own little personalities. They follow me around all day. Jim jokes that they don't come to the door when he comes from work, but they always do for me :D They're my little tribe-mates :D Congratulations on big milestones and your exciting new opportunity at SCT Paige! I'd say, "have fun" but it seems like you always do xK


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