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Monday, February 10, 2020

After a super fun day at Universal Studios, we headed to the main event: Walt Disney World Resort!

I love that Disney World is so big that it has its own freeways. 
We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort. It has a relaxed, beach-y vibe with several great pool areas.
Plus, our area was pink!
While Chris took our rental car back to the airport I took the kids to the pool closest to our room and enjoyed the warm Florida evening.
Beautiful sunset.
Love the vibes of the Caribbean Beach Resort.
After swimming I took the kids down to the main area along the lake. Fox & Jane chillaxed in a hammock.
The new Disney Skyliner transportation was right in the middle of our resort. It made it really easy to get to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.
Inside the Old Port Royale building.
Monday morning we woke up, grabbed some breakfast at the Spyglass Grill by our room, and Ubered our way to the happiest place on earth: The Magic Kingdom!
Ubers drop you off at the Ticketing and Transportation Center which was fun because we got to ride the Monorail one short stop to the park.
Yay! We love being back in a Disney park.
Love all the details they put into every little square inch.
Mainstreet, U.S.A.
Our super cute kiddos in front of Cinderella's castle.
Family photo.
We were there before the 9:00am rope-drop, as was everyone else in the whole wide world it felt like, lol.
Right at 9:00 the day started with a fun show full of some of the classic Disney characters.
Then it was off to the races! They have completely redesigned Fantasyland since we were last here 13 years ago so Chris and I were a little lost.
But still epically cute!
Prince Eric's castle from the Little Mermaid.
We decided to hop on the Little Mermaid ride as our first one of the day.
No lines yet!
What the shell?!
Under the sea!
Next it was on to Winnie the Pooh! They've added activities for the kids to do in some of the lines to help pass the waiting time.
You could draw with honey on these cool interactive screens in the line area.
About to ride the ride!
We knew it would only get more and more crowded as the day went on so we stuck to Fantasyland while the crowds were relatively small.
It's a Small World was on tap next.
Always a classic.
Auf Wiedersehen! (We miss Germany every day). The sign says "goodbye Jane"!
I just love looking around and enjoying every view. It's all so fun.
This was a Tangled-themed rest area. You can even see Rapunzel's tower in the background.
I'd love to get up there and see the views.
Our first FastPass was for one of our family favorites: the Haunted Mansion!
Jane looked so adorbs in her Minnie Mouse outfit.
Inside the atmosphere was satisfactorily creepy.
My handsome boys, lol. I don't think they knew there was a photo on this ride.
But... neither did we. :)

I love comparing and contrasting the different Haunted Mansion rides between Florida, California, and Paris. They are all unique but still reminiscent of each other.
We survived!
Some of the inscriptions on the headstones are hilarious.
Then it was off to another family favorite: Pirates of the Caribbean!
The line moved pretty quickly and thankfully, it was covered and/or inside again.
Time for another family ride selfie!
Love it!
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!
Are we back in Germany?!
Snack time! We may have refilled this popcorn bucket several times. A day.
The always massively popular Peter Pan's Flight.
Walking along the boardwalk in Frontierland.
We ate lunch here and enjoyed some Mexican food.
Our kids have always been a little timid when it comes to rides, especially roller coasters. When we went on Big Thunder Mountain a couple of years ago at Disneyland, we almost permanently traumatized Jane. After a little cajoling, we got the kids into line for BTM.
Yee haw!
Selfie on the wildest ride in the wilderness!
And guess what? This time the kids loved it! Yay!
Cute blue "house".
The Enchanted Tiki Room.
Getting lined up for the next show.
Hello, Jose!
After the Tiki Room we explored the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.
So lush.
All the details were so fun to look at.
And the views over the park are great. Those cranes are building a new Tron roller coaster.
It was so pretty.
Love this ceiling above the bathrooms.
By this point in the day it was starting to get pretty hot. Walking by the Hall of Presidents we felt cold air flowing out so we made a beeline for the air-conditioned lobby and waited for the show.
Into the theater. It was a fun movie followed by animatronics of all 45 U.S. presidents.
Darling little statue of Cinderella.
Love the mosaics in the castle.
Back to Fantasyland!
Jane with her cotton candy flavored ice cream sundae.
Chris got a Peter Pan Float which was Sprite with lime soft serve and a chocolate feather. It was delicious.
Time for what used to be called Autopia, but now they just call it the Tomorrowland Speedway.
Vroom vroom!
Foxio Andretti.
Then it was time for our FastPass for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This is a ride none of us had ever been on and always had massive lines.
Ready to go!
This was such an awesome ride! One of the smoothest roller coasters we've ever been on.
Despite what Fox and Jane's faces might have you believe, they LOVED it.
So. Much. Fun.
Quaint little corner. Everywhere you look is darling.
It took us a couple tries, but eventually we got on the Goofy rollercoaster.
Jane finding her inner thrill seeker.
Fox rocks.
The teacups. It's a love/hate thing for me. I got so dizzy this time but I always have to ride them.
Beautiful day!
It was late afternoon and we were ready to cool down, rest, and relax so we slowly made our way out of the park back to our hotel.
It felt so good to lay down in the air conditioning for a few minutes and recharge.
But, you can't waste too much time in the room. Back out for more fun!
We got dinner by the main pool and let the kids swim.
The pool area had a fun Spanish fort theme with water slides and water cannons. The weather was warm and balmy and it was a relaxing end to a super fun day.
Our original plan was to spend one day at each of the four parks but we ended up doing a half day at both EPCOT and Hollywood studios so we could spend our last full day at the Magic Kingdom again. Checking out the Grand Floridian hotel from the monorail as we rode back to the park on Thursday morning.
Day 2 at MK was just as fun! There was less of a sense of urgency. We had already gotten to ride most of our must-do list so we spent this day doing some other fun things.
Since Monday the kids had been begging to ride Big Thunder Mountain again so that was our first stop as soon as the park opened.
Then we headed over to the Jungle Cruise.
We made it!
This guide was really funny.
We stuck around Adventureland for awhile.
The line for Aladdin's Magic Carpets was long, but Chris jumped out of line and got us a Raspberry/Pineapple soft serve swirl Dole Whip to make it more pleasant and it was soooo yummy.
Fun views from the ride.
Take two on the Haunted Mansion? You betcha.
Chris made sure to redeem himself on the photo for this ride.
Rapunzel was here.
The Monster's Inc Laugh Floor show was fun.
Now that's a Minnie headband!
Man, she's adorable.
Just soaking it all in.
Love the shade of pink of these plants.
On the raft over to Tom Sawyer's Island the big paddleboat steamed by.
Exploring the trails on the island.
Fun views of Big Thunder Mountain.
Crossing back to Liberty Square after the afternoon parade had just passed.
For our last and final ride of this vacay, we made our way over to Tomorrowland to ride Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. The kids always like that one.
We cute hahaha :)
It's serious business shooting aliens.
What a magical place.
After a second full day it was time to ride the monorail and head back to the hotel. So sad to leave such a fun place!
Our last night at the resort we ate at the Banana Cabana by the pool again and I got the most delicious drink called Tropical Paradise which is "a refreshing concoction of Pineapple, Lime, Coconut and Cinnamon dusted with Nutmeg." Dude. I would drink this e'ry DAY! Soooo unusual and soooo good!
The next morning we got packed, had breakfast at the Old Port Royale, and then took the Disney bus to the airport.
Goodbye Disney World!
We left nearly 90 degree weather and came back to snow. I think we picked a good place to vacation during our Rocky Mountain winter :)
Denver in front of the Rocky Mountains.
We had such a fun time! Hope we get to go back soon!

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