Lisbon, Portugal Mini Album

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I finished up another mini album! This one is about our trip to Lisbon, Portugal and I used my travel-themed Horizon collection. In fact, a lot of the inspiration behind Horizon comes from the colorful tiles of Lisbon, so I thought it would be super fitting to document our trip with the collection inspired by it!
Sometimes I make mini albums for the sake of making art and beautiful things, other times I really want to get to the heart of documenting an adventure. I feel like this mini album is more of the latter - same ol' techniques, lots of stickers, just trying to get it done. But I still love it!

Check out this video of me walking through the album to see how it looks "in real life" :)
The covers are made from two pieces of 4x8" plexiglas which I drilled two holes through and sanded the edges and corners so they weren't sharp. Then I trimmed a whole bunch of Horizon patterned papers to 4x8" as well as from the 6x8 Paper Pad which has the lovely gold foiling details. I laid out all my photos, picked paper pages to match, and machine stitched the pages back-to-back. I punched holes through all of the pages in the same place as the covers and assembled the book together with two yellow binder rings. I slid Shaped Paper Clips and Charms onto the binder rings for decoration.
On the cover, I used "travel" and "to" Epoxy Stickers and Thickers to write "LISBON PORTUGAL." If you look very carefully at the little extra pieces in the title, you'll see the round stamp says Portugal on it as does that little green square. So fun to have pieces that coordinate perfectly!
I started creating this album over a year ago but lost my mojo once I put the pictures inside, so I set it aside, took it out many times to work on it over the past year, never made any progress, and set it back aside. Now that I've finished up assignments for a couple weeks and we're quarantined for the foreseeable future, I am working on finishing up all my works-in-progress! Which is still a little funny to me, I never used to have unfinished projects and now I have around 10! Crossing them off my to-finish list gives me great satisfaction :) Anyway! Back to this mini album!
Here are all of the spreads. I also included some pocket pages in which I slipped 3x4" photos and journaling cards from the cut-apart papers. Machine stitching pieces in place adds texture and helps things stay in place permanently.
As with all of my mini albums, I copied and pasted the journaling from our blog post re-cap about Lisbon, printed it in the font Remington Noiseless as size 8, trimmed it into strips, and glued the strips in place where they belonged with the photos.
Everything you see is from my Horizon collection, from the papers to the StickersChipboard StickersEpoxy StickersFloral Die CutsEphemera Die CutsTags, and Washi Tape.
I trim my photos to keep a white border around them to help them stand out from the backgrounds. I use my Canon Pro-100 and Canon photo paper and print at home.
Once in awhile, particularly on journaling cards, I wrote journaling with a black pen.
I always have a lot more photos that I want to include than seem possible, so here I made my own 2" pocket square page to hold photos.
To help make turning the thin photo strip easier I stapled two round stickers to the edge. Fun page turner!
Here is another pocket page I made from a page protector to hold small photos of so many tiles! Tiles tiles everywhere and oh so beautiful!!
If I were to make this album again, I would include more full 4x8" photos for bigger impact. This one of me is the only one lol.
I used a pink flower Shaped Paper Clip stapled to the edge for reinforcement as a page turner on this custom photo pocket page.
Here is the back page, a fancy patterned paper with foil details from the 6x8 Paper Pad and I added a little journaling sentiment closure.
Do you enjoy making mini albums? I sure do! Onto the next!!
Thanks for stopping by, let me know if you have any questions about anything, I'm here and happy to help!
SUPPLIES: Patterned papers, stickers, die cuts, embellishments, washi tape, Thickers, paper clips, charms: HORIZON


  1. This is STUNNING! LOVING the photos (look how little the kids are!!!!), the stitching, and loving the little squares with the hearts on them!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!

  2. I feel like I've just been on a little trip myself :D Gosh, it's so gorgeous there. I can totally see how the tile work there influenced your collection. I mean, look at those sidewalks!! I really love seeing all the beautiful architecture when we've traveled in Europe. The cool thing about working with your Horizon collection is the vintage patterns in cool, bright, mod colours. I love the juxtaposition of old and new. It's a gorgeous album dear, bravo for completing a project once sidelined :D xK

  3. Thx for the amazing tour of Lisbon!! This is all so amazing 💕💕💕

  4. Hi Paige, this album is just amazing !!
    Where do I find the 'plexiglas' to buy ???
    thank you!


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