Stitched Star

Thursday, March 26, 2020

I started this stitched star back in October and worked on it here and there between assignments. So happy to finally have it finished and on the wall!
 To create this piece, I used my Sketch & Stitch Geometric Star cut file. First, on a piece of smooth white cardstock, it drew the heart and inner geometric pieces with a pencil in the left tool holder, then it cut the tiny holes with a ratchet blade in the second tool holder. I have a tutorial for using my Sketch & Stitch cut files HERE.
To make stitching easier, I very carefully cut around the star. I suppose I could alter the cut file to have the machine cut it out for me now that I think about it :) Next time!
 Then I grabbed my boxes of embroidery floss and one by one, I stitched "string art" style, all of the triangles. It probably took a good 24 hours in total to stitch. "String art" means I stitched a basic back stitch around the outer triangle shape and then stitched back and forth and sideways and diagonally etc through the same holes.
 I used all six strands of the floss to create the most amount of texture. The star is very bumpy and pops off the page! But it's still thin enough that it fits behind the glass of a 12x12 frame.
This star is now framed and on the wall in my scrap room along with five other hand stitched pieces:
This star was a labor of love but the results were worth it! Off to find another stitching project :)

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  1. The star is gorgeous and your hand stitched wall display is awesome. Your work is always so inspiring. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.


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