Animal Kingdom October 2020

Sunday, October 11, 2020

 Our second day we visited Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom opened at 7am the day we had reservations (5am Denver time). After our mega day at Magic Kingdom, we didn't have it in us to go that early, so we grabbed breakfast at the hotel and then rode the Disney bus over the park, getting there about 8:30.
Waiting for waffles (her) and bacon (him), their standard breakfasts while on vacay.
On the bus over to AK.
Blue skies and palm trees - it's a good day!
Here we go!
Family photos in front of the Tree of Life.
Chris jogged ahead to get in line for Avatar: Flight of Passage, while the kids and I checked out some animals.
As Jane used to say, "Finkamingos!"
A Stitch plushy almost bigger than Fox!
Characters cruising down the river.
The Pandora area of the park is really cool and otherworldly.
Every detail is perfect.
In line for the ride, this creepy avatar was moving and bobbing in the tank.
Almost 2 hours later we got on Fox & Jane's favorite ride! This is when fast passes come in really handy, we definitely miss that feature.
Official portrait taken by a Disney cast member.
A banshee!
This should be our Christmas card photo since it encapsulates this crazy year.
Over to Africa!
Bouncy bridge as we did the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail.
This big ol' guy was just hanging out, stuffing his face with greens.
Then we went on the Kilimanjaro Safari.
During our ride we got stopped for about 10 minutes because a giraffe was blocking the path. Eventually a worker came and was able to coax the troublemaker off the trail with some delectable leaves.
Lazy lions staying cool in the shade.
The animals are smart enough to know that the green truck comes bearing treats so they follow it in hopes of a bite. See the ostriches tailing closely behind? Smartypants.
Details from around the Africa section of the park.
Beautiful panorama over towards Everest.
While Chris and Jane waited for our lunch, Fox and I went over to Dinoland U.S.A. to ride the TriceraTop Spin. The only spinning ride I went on the whole trip FYI. The things I do for Fox :)
BBQ for lunch.
Masks get to come off only while we eat or are sitting in the relaxation stations throughout the parks.
Next it was over to Asia.
The line for the Kali River Rapids ride, which wasn't open in February, was pretty short so we took the opportunity to hop on.
Riders may get wet! Actually welcomed for relief from the heat!
Then we walked through the Maharaja Jungle Trek. Cool bat!
Real bat! It's hard to tell from the picture with no reference, but these things were huge!
Tiger enjoying a nice afternoon.
Pretty purple berries.
Little Jane resting her tired legs.
We didn't ride the other Avatar attraction earlier in the day so we walked back over there to do so.
It's a colorful, funky boat ride through Pandora.
At lunch Fox had spied some delicious treats so we took another little break to cool off. His Macaw slushie was pretty and tasty.
Mickey pretzel with cheese.
After the break I tried to convince the kids to ride Everest with me, but no takers. So Chris took the kids on the Kali Rapids ride again and I hit up Everest by myself. So. Much. Fun. Even better than I remember.
After a full, fun day, it was back to the Contemporary for dinner and pool time.
View of the pool at night from our balcony.
Great day at Animal Kingdom! Next up and last park we visited: EPCOT.

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