EPCOT October 2020

Monday, October 12, 2020

 The third park we visited was EPCOT - which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

EPCOT didn't open until 11am while we were there so it gave us plenty of time to enjoy a nice, leisurely morning at the hotel.
Pure joy! Jane loved her Mickey waffles every single morning.
Mural details at the Contemporary. 
They weren't running the monorail to EPCOT while we were there and the line to wait for a bus would have taken over an hour, so we called an Uber and made our way there.
We got to the park about thirty minutes before it opened and they were already letting people in so we hoofed it over to Test Track. During our February trip here this ride was closed so we were excited to see it back operating. We got in line and they started letting people board so we virtually just walked on. Score!
Almost our turn to ride! They've got the system down. How many are in your party? Holds up 4 fingers.
Family selfie time!
Weeeeeee! This ride is fun and goes really fast, especially during this banked turn. 
Glad I didn't drop my phone whilst taking this :)
After that super fun ride we decided to see if we could get in the Frozen line before it got too crazy. No such luck. Despite Chris running ahead and it not even being the park's official opening time of 11:00 yet, the line was already 90 minutes. So we changed plans and back tracked to Mexico.
So fiest-ive!
No line here for the little Three Amigos boat ride so we hopped on.
After exiting the ride we bumped into Mickey and Minnie driving by. 
Our reservation for lunch was at 11:45am, so we decided to head towards the restaurant and had just enough time to ride Nemo before.
She's ab-shell-lutely darling.
Then it was time for lunch at the Coral Reef Restaurant. This is the restaurant Danny and Vicky ate at and Joey and Jesse were scuba diving in from Full House! I was SO STOKED to eat there too! It's the little things :)
Walking in.
Just as cool as I imagined!!
Eating with the fishes.
The restaurant was not very crowded so early in the day so we had speedy service and great views.
This was probably my favorite lunch. I got a chicken dish with a delicious curry sauce. The kids and Chris all got steak. Yummy.
After a fun'n'tasty lunch we headed towards The Land area of the park.
We boarded the Living with the Land boat ride after just a few minutes in line. The plastic between is supposed to keep us safe right but it made it sooooo hard to see anything :( We don't understand why they would have these dividers on this boat ride but not on Pirates or Pandora or Small World or Frozen, etc.
I actually really like this little ride. It's fun to sail through the food and fishery areas.
In the same complex as the boat ride is Soarin' so we got on that next. 
Selfie time.
Like Test Track, Spaceship Earth, the iconic ball of EPCOT, wasn't open in February but it was today! 
Under the ball.
Cool part of the ride, like you're traveling through the stars.
I spy Bambi and friends.
Then we decided it was Frozen or bust so I jogged over to get in line while Chris went with the kids to get treats. We love the atmosphere each country area brings. 
I was really really looking forward to getting these same treats we got back in February...
...but the Kringle Kafe was closed. I was so bummed.
Disney always nails the vibe.
The line for Frozen was long and hot and didn't move for over 30 minutes just when we were about to enter - must have been cleaning time. So the 90 minute wait turned into over 2 hours. I don't think any ride is worth that IMO lol.
Ride selfie.
Elsa seemed a little upset about something, so I just told her to let it go.
Socially distanced boat seating. If they put the plastic dividers in could they fit more people?
Then we took a turn around the countries.
View across the lagoon.
Our fav: Deutschland!
It makes my heart ache.
We miss you Germany!
Cute mini-model of the famous Romantic Road in Germany.
Taking a break in the shade.
After enjoying the various countries and rides at EPCOT, I convinced the fam to go visit the resort we stayed at back in February. It's an easy ride on the Skyliner over to the Caribbean Beach Resort so everyone was excited to go.
On the Skyliner.
We really enjoyed our stay the Caribbean Beach Resort and it was fun to see it again.
But the real reason I wanted to come was to eat dinner here at the Banana Cabana...
...for this drink. The Tropical Paradise is "a fruity blend of pineapple, coconut, cinnamon, and lime dusted with nutmeg." So unique and sooo good. I may or may not have had two.
I ordered a jerk chicken sandwich, Chris got a Cuban, and the kids had their usual hamburgers. Soooo good. 
We eventually got an Uber back to the Contemporary and spent another evening at the pool. 
Fun day at EPCOT! And that wraps up our recaps to Disney World in October 2020! Totally fun and worth it!

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