September 2020 Highlights

Thursday, October 1, 2020

 Here's what we were up to in September 2020!
Over Labor Day weekend we drove to Utah for my Grandma Doris' funeral. I wrote a separate blog post about that HERE.
We also got our family 2020 photos taken by the lovely and talented Clara Jones Photography! I will share them here on October 8th.
  Fox's 4th grade portrait. His "smile" smile cracks me up. Love him oh so much.
 The evening hours here in Colorado are very pleasant - perfect temperature for reading outside as a family.
 As I was in the checkout lane at Target I noticed a new set of Harry Potter Lego minifigures that we didn't have! For shame! I hopped on ebay to grab the set and then Fox, Jane and I had a party building them.
We set up for Halloween on September 28th. I always make myself wait until October 1st, but, sorrynotsorry :)
Jane's 3rd grade portrait. Such a darling!
One night out of the blue she asked if we could go to Kneaders for a GNO. Heck yeah we can!
 Her "dinner" consisted of a sugar cookie, cinnamon roll, and Dr. Pepper.
 I don't even know.
Then out of the blue she'll request to ride bikes. Yes!! She's doing so great.

Jane made a new friend at school so we arranged a playdate. Such cuties!

We started watching Haunted Gingerbread Showdown in Halloween jammies and all.
I still have one of the invitations we used for Fox's 1st birthday and put it out every October.

Yay for movies!
I couldn't believe it when I saw the weather forecast on my phone. It went from 92 degrees to snowing overnight in early September.

It was going to be back to the 80s a few days later, so rather than let all my flowers succumb to the wacky, very temporary elements we brought them inside for a few days.
Still getting used to this! But I'll take the weather in Colorado any day over anywhere else we've ever lived! 99.9% of the time it's just perfect :)
 Foooood. We went on a date night to Torchy's and then saw Tenet (sooooo weird. I needed subtitles fo sho).
 We went to Texas Roadhouse as a family. Those cinnamon butter rolls get me every time!
We got a lot of Crumbl cookies. It's pumpkin season and I must partake!

We met up with Tom & Margi at Cafe Rio for dinner one night.
We've been taking Joey on a daily post-dinner walk and phones just can't capture the beauty of the evening sunsets over the Rocky Mountains and the Highlands Ranch windmill.
Oh hey there! One of the few days I actually got dressed and put on make-up this month :)
These are the other 2 days I got dressed and ready. Pic or it didn't happen right? :)
 September 19th 2020 marked 2 years since I started my health & fitness journey. You can read all about it HERE.
Oh Rachel. Going through my photos this month (and every month, let's be honest), she's in the vast majority of them. Because she's ALWAYS THERE. She follows me everywhere, even into the bathroom and when I go to the basement to exercise, when I go outside to read, when I take naps... everywhere! And I love it. She's literally right behind my chair as I'm typing this. I just want to stop whatever I'm doing at the moment when she basks in the sun like this to rub her furry belly.
 Rachel highlights from September 2020:

I spy Rachel.

On the crafty front:
I made and shared 9 projects this month:
 Getting ready for my October 2020 Mini Album! Here is a link to my Playlist of all 8 of my October Mini Album flip throughs thus far.
This year my album will feature my 13 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN CUT FILES for $13!
I spent a few days creating more Coptic Bookbinding Kits!
Here is a link to purchase a Coptic Bookbinding Kit and the contents:
 Loved this view of threads as I was hand stitching.
 A question I asked on instagram:
 All 12 OF MY STENCILS are back in stock! Grab them while you can!
I gave away 4 cut files in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group in September:
This is the Cafe cut file I included in my monthly Page by Paige Newsletter - sign up today to make sure you don't miss out!
I'm going to start teaching very limited capacity classes with social distancing and masks starting in November at Little Craft Place in Houston, Texas! All of the information for registering can be found HERE.
Something to look forward to next month in October - celebrating Fox's 10th birthday at Disney World and of course, HALLOWEEN! Bring on the start of the holiday season!


  1. I have a really small table, so I HAVE to clean up after every project! LOL!!! And that butter at Texas Roadhouse... to.die.for.!!!!!! You LOOK AMAZING!!! So proud of you for your journey!!!!!!!

  2. WOW, you're a busy mom, successful business woman and inspiring creative heart. I know you love what you do but I also want to recognize the effort it takes too. Paige, thank you for all you do so we can love it too. I'm totally crushing on Rachel and those little white toesies. I have two cats and know how hard it is to walk past a kitty tummy. I've actually looked at photos of projects I've posted and noticed cat hair, ha! Finally, bravo for reaching your physical fitness goals and keeping it off too! You always look stunning. BTW, I think that you have wonderful kids and that's a big accomplishment too. hugs xK


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