September 2021 Highlights

Friday, October 1, 2021

 Here's what we were up to in September 2021!

The kiddos got their school pictures taken. So cute.
After school that same day I took a few pics of my own - some of which have already made it onto layouts!
Fox is so handsome and Jane's hair is getting soooo long like Rapunzel.
One Saturday we drove down to Castle Rock and went to my favorite burger place, Crave.
We also went to Texas Roadhouse and Dairy Queen and more but I wasn't so great at taking pics.
This caramel pumpkin Crumbl cookie was sooooo good. OMG. My mouth waters just thinking about it!
I put this palm tree outside early in the spring and these flowers spontaneously started growing out of the soil! Some seeds must have blown into the pot.
Here are the plants I put in the rocks at the beginning of Spring and now three months later at the beginning of Fall. Definitely going to make this an annual thing, I LOVE FLOWERS!
We (or rather, the contractors) finished the wainscoting project!
Still deciding if I love the blue or if I want it painted white. I love how blue is different. But white is so classic.
In any case, we love the character it adds to the boxy entryway.
Next I want to update the stairs from carpet to wood & tile. Please babe? :)

Oh hey!
Beautiful sunset.
"SEVEN DAYS!" As a practical joke Jane made this and was holding it when Chris walked in from work. He despises The Ring. He said, "I don't like that." lol.
First Halloween pic of the season!!
We saw 4 movies in September: Together (not what I thought it would be, kinda funny, but also not really, 5/10). Stillwater (so good but so sad! 8/10). The Lost Leonardo (a documentary, fascinating, 8/10). And a replay of Casino Royale (seen it dozens of time, solid 9/10).
Speaking of James Bond, look at Daniel Craig's pink velvet jacket at the premiere of No Time To Die! And Princess Kate looking all glam and like a Bond Girl at the same premiere - STUNNING!
We watched a lot of shows in September along with our usual FRIENDS and Criminal Minds and Bachelor in Paradise :) Clickbait was super good but I think the twist was a little unbelievable. I watch true crime ALLLLL DAY EEEEVERYDAY and it's never the person it turned out to be in the show lol. Other than that, super loved it! Nine Perfect Strangers was the worst show we've ever seen. The book was so much better. I want those 9 hours of my life back. Midnight Mass on the other hand was a masterpiece! The acting. The anticipation. The drama! So good! I skipped The Haunting of Bly Manor last year, but started watching it and I'm intrigued!


Having these two little furballs around this past month has been so good for my heart and soul. I still miss Rachel ferociously, but now I am not so lonely during the day and I have not one, but TWO kitties to project my love onto! Every day Chris and I turn to each other and say, "There are two of them! We've got two kitties! What's better than one kitty? Two kitties!" They're just the sweetest things.

Not gonna lie, when we first got them and they were sooooo scared at even the slightest movements we made and cringed at our touch, I was so sad and worried. About 4 days after we got them, Chris said he got Jill to purr! Whaaat!!! So I gave it a whirl and got both Amy & Jill to purr! There was hope!
From there, it was only a couple days until they became totally loved up on us. And not just me! They really love Fox & Jane & Chris too! Rachel never really gave Fox & Jane the time of day. Rachel was already 3 and 5 years old when Fox & Jane came along, already set in her ways. Don't get me wrong, Rachel was the BEST kitty in the whole wide world, I just feel soooo lucky that we got two more great kitties!
They watch TV and chase my mouse which makes trying to work all the more amusing :)
Basking in the sun, as kitties do.
They are ALWAYS together. Maybe like 10 minutes out of the entire day they're not together. But then one will meow and the other will come a'runnin'. Here are some pics of them exploring my happy scrappy place. I slowly introduced them to the whole house. They were so very tiny when we first brought them home, I was scared if we let them have immediate free reign we'd lose them and never see them again. And they sure did find some incredibly tiny places to sleep! Such as under my cardstock racks, behind Chris' books, in the cracks of couch seats, behind the piano, etc.
They're still small enough to both sleep with me on my chair as I work.
If I need to take a nap during the day, I bring them with me and they nap too. They love snuggling with us as we watch TV. One afternoon Jillybean really needed some TLC, she fell asleep right in my hand.
I love that when they sleep, they must be touching.
Some cute pics of Amy. I think she likes me just a tad bit more than Jill does :)
Still always getting into mischief too! So funny.
Look at the mess they made at my feet while I was teaching a virtual class!
We started watching Halloween Baking Championship!! SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN SEASON!

Onto the scrappy updates!

I was able to make and share over 16 layouts/mini albums/cards/MemoryDex in September! I feel like the craziness of summer is finally subsiding and I'm getting into a really good groove!

Feels Like Home Layout // Bungalow Lane MemoryDex Cards // Double Saddle Stitch Mini Album // You Make Me Smile Embroidered Layout // Layout & Cards for Zsoka // Stamped Layout & Cards // Simple Things Flower Layout // Scalloped Edge Mini Album

I designed and gave away 6 cut files - 2 in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group, 2 in my Newsletters...

My cut files were 50% off in the Silhouette Store at the beginning of September which was super fun! They've never had a sale of just my cut files before so I felt honored :)
I designed and cut out my two newest cut file bundles, 20 Days of Fall / Autumn Cut Files & 20 Days of Halloween Cut Files.
I had a scrappy sale in my home and it was such a joy to meet local crafty friends.
Michaels has memory explosion boxes again!
I couldn't get my hands on my own Bungalow Lane 6x8 Paper Pad so I went searching on the interwebs. I ordered 2 from this website and look what I got instead??? So random! In the end I was able to get them directly from AC :)
Love figuring out fall color palettes with Bungalow Lane.
I really wanted to embroider this paper and to get the holes perfectly spaced apart I designed a template that I printed on vellum and then pierced the holes through. I'll share the finished layout here on October 18th!
I ordered some of my collab dies with Zsoka and put them in My Shop! The Floral Corner sold out and I still have a handful of the Floral Borders.
It was fun to fan out all the layouts I've made with Bungalow Lane so far for an instagram pic! 11 layouts and counting! Even a few more since this was taken. I've been super inspired to work with Bungalow Lane this fall season.
Screenshots of the virtual class I taught on September 25th - a Scalloped Edge Mini Album!
Someone in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group asked if I had the DMC embroidery threads I use when stitching my collections so I gathered them:
I got a PDF of my next collection which comes out in early 2022 and I looooooove seeing it all together! I can't wait to get it in my hands! Not only that but we've started my summer 2022 collection and it's fantastic too, just sayin'! :) I love love love scrapbooking!
And with that, HAPPY OCTOBER!! I can't wait to document all of our traditions revolving around Halloween in another 4x4 Mini Album! This will be my 10th year of doing an October Daily!
Here's to an epic October 2021!

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