The Patch in Elizabeth

Saturday, October 9, 2021

 Last year's pumpkin patch plans were thwarted by all that was 2020 so we were excited to visit one this year! We picked The Patch in Elizabeth and it was SO FUN. Fox's friend Bradee tagged along and they were in cahoots all afternoon lol.

It was lunchtime when we arrived so we waited in line for snacks and burgers to eat in the tent.
This fried concoction was super delish.
Twinning in our pumpkin shirts.
Variety of pumpkins.
With full bellies, we headed out of the tent to see all that we could see and do all that we could do! First up, the slide.
The Patch is on a hill so as we walked up to the slide we could see all the way to the Rocky Mountains.
Go Jane go!
Next up, apple cannons.
We got four bushels of apples and had a blast blasting apples. They went soooo far!
"Take a pic of me babe! I was here too!"
It's funny to me how in just 30 minutes we can go from being in the thick of the urban sprawl to farmland. All in the same county.
Bouncy bouncy bouncy.
Jane explored the playground while the boys played hoops and threw baseballs in the stalls.
Chris stayed with Fox & Bradee while I walked around with Jane taking photo after photo at all the super cute photo ops. 
I mean, how perfect are all these pics for my 20 Fall Cut Files?!?
It was meant to be and I can't wait to scrap all these with these! Imeanright?!
We got our pumpkins already from Costco, but it was still fun to wander around the patch.
So totes adorbs.
Me'n'my girl.
Teeny tiny pumpkins.
Corn maze.
Chris and Jane climbed to the top of these hay stacks.
They were sad when the car wouldn't drive lol. Just a photo prop.
Which way? So many fun options!
The Patch in Elizabeth was a huge success. Definitely coming back!

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