April 2024 Highlights

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Here's what we were up to throughout the month of April 2024!
I needed some new spring-themed scrapbooking material so I asked Jane to pose for me. She's so darling.
I picked various flowers from around the yard and made a tiny bouquet for her to hold.
She looks about 16 years old in these! Only a few more years until she is!
Loving the sun rising earlier and earlier. I am an early bird and love getting a head start on my days.
After church selfie!
Since I'm a new golf fan, it was fun to see Tiger Woods tee off at The Masters. Cool that he's still playing! Nevermind that he came in dead last...
Scottie Scheffler is unbeatable!
Fox loves Sandy.
He's always sitting in random places for long periods of time on his phone.
Fox reached 500 subscribers on his YouTube channel! He was soooooo happy! Next milestone: 1000!
Me and Jane at a church activity.
She's still crushing her spelling bees!
The trees blossomed bigger and more beautiful than ever this year!
We went to Target and all Jane requested was a jar of marshmallow cream. To dip graham crackers into. This was her breakfast one Friday morning when they didn't have school. Have to pick and choose my battles lol. Good thing we know a dentist ;)
I spied on Jane one evening during her math tutoring.
The closet makeover is finally happening! I pushed it back two weeks to accommodate Berry & Cherry - continue reading to find out what I'm talking about. First step, empty the closet.
Crazy how much bigger it feels without all the stuff packed inside!
Of course Amy & Sandy inspected every square inch.
Berry & Cherry are our resident house finches! Three years ago they built a nest in one of our porch lights and hatched two clutches of 5 eggs each in 2022. In 2023 they hatched 5, 5, and 4 babies. This year on April 1st they laid 4 eggs but only 3 hatched. I have absolutely no idea if it's the same pair of finches this time or any time, but until I'm told otherwise, I call them Berry & Cherry :)
Baby birdies aren't the cutest, but I still find it all fascinating and do whatever I can to protect them and make sure Berry & Cherry don't abandon them - hence shifting the closet install two weeks.
In just 2 weeks they go from hatchlings to flying the nest! As of April 30th though they still haven't flown away. Maybe tomorrow!
Berry & Cherry are always nearby, making sure their babies are safe. So we have now contributed 27 house finches to the neighborhood :) I'm guessing there will be at least 2 more clutches this spring/summer. The nest really needs to be rebuilt and the lamp washed out though, it's getting pretty gross lol.
I watched the eclipse on my computer. I think the next total eclipse is passing right over where we live in 21 years or something. I wonder if we'll still be in this house??
We didn't see any movies in April, too much going on.
Amy + Sandy time! Sandy is so much bigger than Amy, it's pretty funny.
I was die cutting a bunch of things for kits and Sandy rolled around in all the paper bits. Why Sandy why?
She sure is a fun and entertaining kitty cat.
Amy's pretty face.
I love that she loves to snuggle me.
While in Texas I spoke through the kitty cam and Amy was super confused.
They cuddled together a couple times on my big blankie which always has to be documented.
They're simply the best :)
Onto the scrappy recap for April!
I shared 14 of my own projects throughout March - 6 from classes, 3 for SCT, and 5 for my Make With Me Monday live YouTube series! Tap the links to see each project more in depth:
I did Make With Me Monday all 5 Mondays in April! Join me LIVE every Monday at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern Time on my YouTube channel and learn how to make a layout in my new series called Make With Me Monday! My plan for 2024 is to base the layout on a sketch! Each live broadcast lasts around an hour, is free to watch, anyone in the world can join in the fun, and the videos are saved in this playlist so if you can't join the live you can watch it later and/or watch it again! I post the YouTube link and supplies to have on hand the Saturday before. Here are the 4 pages we made in March:
I flew to Texas and taught alongside Vicki Boutin! Read the recap HERE.
Teaching in-person is so fun! I can't wait for the Crop in Orlando, the Cruise & Crop, the Clue Event in Georgia, the Scrap & Learn Virtual Camp, and Tricks & Treats Weekend here in Colorado!
Every Monday I get prepped and ready for Make With Me Monday!
Finishing up the projects for the Cruise & Crop.
I was so happy to get all these boxes of supplies kitted and out the door and free up space in my Happy Scrappy Place :)
For a youth activity I was asked along with 10 others to set up a table and talk about my job. It was fun trying to explain what I do to 17 year old boys lol.
I spent the last few days in April working on a stitching project for iNSD 2024 - come back to see it here on Saturday!
I got the BEST happy mail!! Adventurous is in the house!!! I have a few pre-orders left in my shop HERE.
Which brings us to May! The best month of the year with my trifecta - our anniversary, Mother's Day, and my birthday, hooray!

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  1. What a fun month. It's so cool that the finches chose your porch as their nursery. I love hearing chirping out my craft window. Kind of funny! I was looking for some flip flops just for kicking around the house and spotted the exact pink ones Jane is wearing. Only problem was, I was hoping to spend like $10, LOL But they're really cute. I'm a bit envious of that big closet space you're making-over :D But you're right, it always looks bigger empty. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project! I'd love to do ours too. Jim and I also share one. So you know, I'm a true blue paper addict, but the kitty cats are always my favourite part :D Sandy is quite the character. I laughed at the photo where she's just put herself into your mini album Ikea curio. Haha like, "they'll never find me here". I've pinned sweet Amy on to my 'Oh My Heart' Pinterest Board, she's so so pretty. Well, this turned out to be a long message, LOL! Hope you're feeling better each day 💛


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