The One with Movie Associations

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back in the good ol' days when I was working full time at American Crafts I did this crazy thing and watched our DVDs from A-Z (I started watching them on May 27th 2008 and finished January 2nd 2009. Yeah...we have a lot of movies...). On a good day with lots of designing on the computer, I could watch four movies. I dedicated an entire blog post to my movie watching mania. It's funny because now whenever I see a paper I've designed, it totally brings back memories of the movie I was watching at the time. For example, every time I see this paper:

I think of the movie It.

Creepy right? Haha.
And whenever I see this paper:

I think of the movie Hocus Pocus.

Much more appropriate.
It was fun watching a Halloween movie while designing Halloween stuff, even though it was August (August 19th 2008 to be exact).

This movie association happens with layouts I make, too. I like to watch movies when I scrap and most recently I created two layouts for a spotlight that's going up tomorrow on Elle's Studio. So now whenever I see the following layout (just a sneak peek, full picture tomorrow)

I will think of A Knight's Tale.

RIP Heath Ledger :(
That's all :)
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