The One with the My Project Folder Part 1 of ???

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another one of those "hhmmmm...what shall I blog today?" days. So I turn to my trusty inspiration folder and it once again saves the day. It hasn't let me down yet. I'm only sharing a small sampling of this folder. There are 150 images in my "projects" folder. These are projects I want to make some day.

Scraps of wood nailed to a wall in the shape of a tree, add a few nails or hooks here and there and you've got instant coolness doubling as a coat or accessory hanger.

Turn cardboard into neat photo frames. Talk about going green! Full tutorial found here on photojojo.

Ooooooh, these are lovely fabric flowers. I can see them going on headbands, shirts, purses, onesies, towels, anywhere really.

Rocks are everywhere. And though they are beautiful as is, why not turn them into something more eye-catching? Instructions and more found on Design Sponge.

Beautiful woodland creature wall panels by Anna Joyce. I found this lovely inspiration originally on housemartin.

This picture taken by Will Vastine is awsome in so many ways. To say I like buttons is an understatement. I love them. I want to marry them. Or something... But then he goes and uses buttons on a human and takes amazing pictures and I think I'm in heaven.

I don't know where I found these couch pillows. When I google "couch pillows" a million and one images pop up. But these ones are extra pretty. Maybe one of these days I'll use my sewing machine for something other than paper...

I've been a long time follower of Princess Lasertron/Megan Hunt. She makes the most amazing things out of felt and BUTTONS(!!). I got a button kit from her about a year ago and I still need to assemble it. And these colors are especially yummy.

I know this pallet bed has been circled around and around and around on the web, I've seen it everywhere, but nonetheless it's in my project folder so I won't forget about it. Ashley Ann is the creator and her blog is just amazing. Many many many more pictures of this darling room can be found by clicking here. If I ever have a girl, this is what her bedroom will look like.

This is a fun "found object" mobile. So simple. So easy. Anyone can do it. Would look great anywhere. Instructions found here.

I dunno where I found this, but I like it.

True that, double true. I always leave the first page of my notebooks blank for a really long time. Made by Chris Piascik.

Next time I'm home I'm gonna raid the nuts'n'bolts stash in the garage and make me one of these.

Gorgeous pillows right? If only I knew how to sew... First I found them on the decor8 blog. Then I found out they come from Tulu - a shop in Istanbul.

I can't find where I originally found this idea, but it's embroidery on tiles. I don't know how it's done, but I'd love to find out!

Aww man, I don't know where this originally came from either! Snap. But basically, you take some shells and alter them with buttons, fiber, feathers, googly eyes (?), beads, and more. So pretty.

Some super cool paper piecing by Bombo. Imagine the things you can create with cardstock and a craft knife...

Totally rad corner frames. I think I've blogged about these babies before, once upon a time. I can't get over how ingenious they are. Make your own, or buy them here.

Loving the colors and patterns of these book covers. I dunno where they came from, sorry charlie. But they're lovely :)

My most favorite wedding photographer in the world, Amelia Lyon, shot this photo, and it's gorgeous, but what I love most especially is the plate covered wall in the background. I could see this happening to one of my walls in the near future.

That's all for now, I'm off to work!


  1. Okay Paige, I love all this inspiration you are feeding to me! I'm so happy about your new phone too! I love your banner right now too. It's so awesome.

  2. I really love your post! I wish I had a genious folder for those "what to post" days. Maybe I should start one! There were many things that are so vintagy...I love it!!! Keep this folder close by, friend!

  3. thanks so much for all the inspiration... my favorite has got to be the use of cardboard for the wall decorations... uhmm i think i know what my next assignment is going to be... let's see if i can pull it off! :)
    cheers xoxo

  4. Wow... what cool stuff! I need to visit you and look in your folders! :) I need to surf the web and stuff more often. I love love love the tree thing (1st pic) and the cardboard frames... how cool... I wish I could think of stuff like that! You are just so cool!! I love reading your blog and seeing how cool your life is! I think my husband would fall in love with your dad! :) I have a great life but when I visit you... I think man... I am so boring! :)

  5. Love this all!!!! =) Inspiration folders are the best!

  6. LOVE the misc. wood pieces on the wall made into a 'tree' coat hanger thing!! I also LOVE that girls room - I think I've seen that picture of Appt. Therapy before - LOVE all the pictures :-)

  7. omg so many cool projects!! I want to make them all too! lol!!

  8. Love this page-over 30 years ago when I was a sophmore in high school--i made the chess set with my grandpa to give to my boyfriend at the time for christmas....It was so much fun to do and share the hunt with my grandpa. It was fun to see the picture here today.

  9. WOW! You have the most AMAZING... A-MAZING... inspiration folder! YUMMY! I'm thinking you should just put that whole thing on a zip drive and send it to me! LOL. ;-)

    Thank you SO much for sharing this loveliness with us!

  10. Ok this post makes me want to redecorate our whole house!!!


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