The One with the Chicken Curry Party

Monday, January 11, 2010

In honor of the boys going back to school, I thought it would be appropriate to host a "Back to School Chicken Curry Night." So we invited the 1st years over for dinner last night.

Veronica and Brian and Mariah, Melissa and Ryan (do you have a blog yet!?!?), Erica and Blake and Brooklyn, Kate and Pehrson, and Jenny and Chris were kind enough to grace us with their beautiful selves.


When I downloaded the pictures off my camera this morning, I found this little treat. Thanks Chris (not my Chris, Jenny's Chris.)

After dinner we played a round of Bang. Thanks so much Richard for introducing me to this game at the t-shirt screen-printing last summer at Ben's! It's been a huge hit with family and friends!

Joey FINALLY fell asleep at about 8:30pm. Sheesh.

The recipe for my Grandma's infamous chicken curry can be found by clicking HERE.


  1. Ummm..LOVE the rug (where it from?!) and the mix and match look...SO cute! P.S. Loved your Elles Studio interview too! =)

  2. Soo YUMMY! I'm so glad I got to be a part of the curry celebration!

  3. CBO, nice picture! When did you do that?

  4. looks so good and like a lot of fun. I love your table set up. All the different chairs are so cute.

  5. It looks like (Jenny's) Chris is practicing how to say, "Open wide." What a fun party, Pailge! I'm so proud of you!

  6. I love having peeps over, and your party dinner thingy looked like a lot of fun! I haven't heard of bang at all before I'll have to check that out!!!!

    And that recipe, how cool is that! :) I'll let you know if its a winner in our household soon!

    And your interview for Elle was totally cute!

    Happy week!

  7. You are such a great little party organizer. Looks like a wonderful dinner. I will have to try that recipe since my husband loves anything with curry.

  8. OH, super fun! And I LOVE how your dishes look all nice and cute set out like that!

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blogs, Lovely. Much appreciated. :-)

  9. wow, your table looks so pretty :-) love all the mix match chairs!! and chicken curry!!!! yummers!


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