The One with the 2010 Rose Parade

Friday, January 1, 2010

We heard a rumor that we could see the Rose Parade for free at the end of the route.

So we woke up, ate breakfast, fed the animals, the whole enchilada, then we took off. We parked a few blocks away from the parade route and started walking where everyone else was walking to. As we were meandering through the crowds trying to find a prime viewing location, we found a car full of plants. You don't see that every day!

And we got to see the one and only Rose Parade!

Policemen on motorcycles kicked off the festivities.

We got to see Captain C.B. Sullenberger, aka "Sulley", the pilot who landed the airplane in the Hudson River.

This float was GINORMOUS!
And it was covered in roses. All the floats were covered in roses and flowers. Get it? "Rose" Parade?? :)

And their lucky pooper scoopers! They got more applause than anybody.

This float was totally interactive with a waterfall and spraying mist.
And a man (it's been brought to my attention that he's a famous man, Jack Hanna, I don't know why I don't know these things...) - with a really really really big bird sat at the front!

An airplane flew overhead. This one's for you Dald.


There were lots of marching bands. This one was my favorite.

Thank you Wells Fargo for being a good bank to me these past six years.

The crowd went nuts over this float.

Ohio State and Oregon are playing in the Rose Bowl today.
Chris was screaming silly things at them.
"O" for "Oregon".

There was a big break between floats, I felt like I'd had my fill, and we wanted to go catch a movie so we headed back to the car. Soooo much fun. We're definitely making a tradition of this.

Then we went and saw Sherlock Holmes.
I give it an 8 out of 10. Very entertaining. Alls it needed was subtitles.

Once again, for the last time I promise, Happy New Year!


  1. Hi Pailge. Malm here. The man with the big bird is the one and only Jack Hannah (I think that's how his name's spelled). He's a big deal in the animal world. What a FUN day you had! We've been hiking around in SNOW all day.

  2. PAIGE I LOVED IT!! It was sooo funny to think you went to the Parade I was watching on TV!! Awesome!

  3. WOOHOO... you got to go! This was on my "Cali list of fun things to do".

    Isn't it so pretty. My favorite part is that it smells sooo good, from all the flowers!

    I wanted to go this year, but Bradley is sick. It's the first year in a long time I've missed. We watched it on TV


  4. lol sorry! That last comment was from me :)

  5. Next year ya gotta try camping on the street. My family and I have done it like three times. It's great!

  6. aww. i actually wondered if you guys went today [while i watched the parade, on tv, in my apartment with snow outside]. i'm glad you did! must-do for living in pasadena. i cried at the beginning :) gah i miss it there.

  7. You seriously did not know Jack Hanna? You must not watch David Letterman. Love the pictures and Chris' "O!"

  8. Oh fun! I can't believe I've never been! LOL. My aunt, uncle and cousins went one year though... they volunteered *before* the parade to work on the floats! (You should do that!!!!) Then they watched all their handiwork, and they said it made the experience all the more sweeter. :-)

    And I laughed out loud reading the comment about you not knowing about Jack Hanna. He has his own show on Animal Planet! And he's a guest on ALL talk shows! You're a lover of animals... you NEED to be a lover of Jack Hanna. :-) End of story.

    Happy New Year! Want to join my Write365?! :D

  9. love the Rose Parade Pics!! We saw Sherlock Holmes today too!

  10. LOVE your parade pictures :-) Looks like so much fun!!!!!

  11. I went a long time ago, we brought our sleeping bags and spent the night on the the sidewalk! I was too tired for the parade! Happy New Year!

  12. The Rose Parade is great. I remember going to decorate the floats for activities in Mutual growing up. They have volunteers go do it. Also a couple years ago when my sis & her hubby lived in downtown Pasadena, we went and sold programs for the parade. It's a great tradition. The floats are amazing.

  13. Beautiful pictures Paige I felt like I was there with you ! Happy New Year !

  14. Great pics Paige! I especially love the Rose Parade pictures, glad you were abel to catch it live!



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