The One with the Temple Round Up

Saturday, January 2, 2010

We went to the LA temple this morning - we want to do a session the first Saturday of every month as per my new year resolution. So now we've been to:
1) Nauvoo (where we got married on May 8th, 2007)

2) Provo

3) Salt Lake

4) Manti

5) Mt. Timpanogas

6) Draper

7) Seattle

and 8) Los Angeles

One of the temple matrons told us that the LA temple is the largest in the world. I believe it. The rooms are ginormous and look like they can fit an entire ward. I love that we get to move rooms and the walls are all painted with murals.

I had fun playing with actions on my LA temple pics.

I mostly use free actions by The Pioneer Woman.

I also found a few free actions from Totally Rad Actions that I use now and then.

And when I really feel like gettin' funky with my actions, I go to deviantART (search for 'actions'). They're all free (as far as I know) and they're all awesome.

Next month: Newport Beach.


  1. SO cool.. you've got me beat on almost all of them (No CA on my charts yet). Okay, dumb question I'm sure, but "actions"?? Do explain... ;)

  2. These are beautiful shots love them .. the actions really make them pop especially with the sunlight as the backdrop.

  3. love all the pictures. you are one talented lady. the newport temple is AMAZING!!!!!

  4. The LA Temple is my favorite temple. Manti is my husbands. Getting married at Manti was my wedding gift to him. I took out my endowments at LA though. I love how huge it is. Even the cafeteria is huge. You have to eat there next time you go if you haven't already. My favorite is the long blue benches on the way back to the dressing rooms when you're done. SO cool.

    I don't know any actions. I should learn.

  5. PS-you'll see my parents if you go to Newport on a Friday night. They work there. It's a beautiful temple. My parent's are Bro & Sis Dayley. Just FYI for if you go.

  6. Those are some gorgeous photos, seriously. I love the one where it kind of looks spooky {even though I am sure that's not the effect you were going for!}.

    Ya know, temples are some really gorgeous buildings aren't they! And actions... I haven't a clue, but you rocked them!


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