The One with Joey's Second Puppy Party

Sunday, January 31, 2010

We took Joey to his second-to-last training session this afternoon in Redondo Beach and stayed for the puppy party afterward.

My how he's grown since his first puppy party! He's even been upgraded to a big boy leather collar.

This is how the puppy parties are 95% of the time - blurry, wild, and crazy.

A video to prove it:

Sometimes Joey gets a li'l too rambunctious, so Chris has to hold him on "time out."

Joey seems to latch onto one dog and play with it exclusively. Last time it was another Shiba Inu. This time it was a little Corgi pup named Bella.

Dog lovers unite.

These are all the suckers that have to stay in a small enclosed area cuz their dogs are too small or too wussy to come out and play. We never had to stay in there :)

Every time a new dog showed up, the other dogs would look out the gate until it made its grand entrance into the backyard.

The guy in the middle is Brian Lee - our dog trainer. He's very very good at what he does.

I try to look at every moment as a photo opportunity and carry my camera in my purse at all times. Hence the following photos with one or no dogs in them, even at a dog party. These kids looked cool against the textured wood fence and cinder block wall. Click.

I liked all the colors of our shoes, the moss growing on the concrete, and how a doggie snuck a paw in. Click.

This little girl looked so cute sitting on top of the table watching all the action. Click.

"Arf" wiedersehen!


  1. This looks like it was fun!

    Yeah, Forks was fun! I have to say I loved La Push! I thought it was so pretty there! I'm not sure if things have changed since you went there but there are about 5 or more Twilight Stores now and every resturant has a Twilight menu item. It wasn't crowded at all. It was during the week, but I think we only saw 2 other people looking at Twilight stuff! So fun!

  2. I love all your pictures. I've never been to a dog party. Looks like fun peoples!

  3. Your pics and video are great! Joey is too cute!

    What kind of camera do you have... if you don't mind me asking? I have a digital SLR but want a point and shoot digital that I can keep in my purse. I want a good one!

  4. FUN! Yeah, we'd be one of the "suckers." Ruby and Amber love to SEE other dogs and MEET other dogs, but playing with them?! Umm... no. They'll bite their heads right off... ;-)

  5. I LOVE it! Look at what a great mom you already are!!! Joey's adorable.. I'm having animal withdrawals - I need to come and visit you! Brandon and I watched Marley and Me on Saturday.. BIG mistake! I cried like a baby for my long lost puppy! :(

  6. Yep! Even when Joey was just a little guy, he always got to hang with the big dogs! Thanks for not being a wuss, buddy.

  7. Although I'm sure my four pound dog would fall into the wussy dog area, she really thinks she's the biggest dog in town. This is made very clear when she tries to pick fights with much larger dogs. Sigh.

    Looks like fun! Wish I was hanging out with the other dog lovers too!

  8. The little girl on the table reminds me of YOU when you were that age.

  9. OMG - I'm squeeling at my screen right now because of all that cute going on :)When I finally get my dog, I need to find a Basil Pet Basket or something similar...
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