The One with I Would Like a Tulle Skirt Please

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tulle is my favorite right now. I'm seeing it lots of places and the more I see it the more I love it. I saw a tulle skirt at Target before Christmas, but it was a mini-skirt, and Chris convinced me it just wasn't appropriate for church. Darn.

Then yesterday I was reading Old Soul, New Heart and they showed the most amazing tulle skirts. So I investigated further and found the etsy shop Ouma. Heaven!
Monique is the amazing talent behind Ouma clothing. Read her blog here. And giving credit where credit is due: the amazing photographers that take her photos are Steph De Saga, Galaxie Andrews, and Andrew Coppola.

Looks like I'll be saving up for a tulle skirt. Where will I wear it? I dunno. But it's a must :)


  1. I love them! Maybe you could wear them to church at the very least, like on Easter, or another holiday to spice things up. :) Then maybe to a formal somewhere. That's what I think :)

  2. to cha of course, a bunch of gals CRAZY about beautiful textiles...perfect.
    if you are saving for a tulle skirt, you might as well save for a new tiara to go with. that would be purdy.

  3. EEK! I love 'em! I put tulle on my layouts because I don't have a tulle skirt in real life!

  4. Um, your so welcome for intro-ing you to Old Soul, New Heart! I love it. & I love the black and white striped dress with the black tulle skirt! I want to wear it and it's knee length which means I'd TOTALLY wear it to church.

  5. you should host a teaparty :)

  6. Man, those are SO SUPER CUTE!!! I also LOVE tulle. :D I have some... I should make something with it!

    OH! I just got a cute idea for a card for your CARDS blog challenge! THANK YOU!! :D


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