The One with the Swimming-Themed Bar Mitzvah

Monday, May 20, 2013

Saturday night I worked at my last event (waaaaaaaaaah!!!!). So many lasts these days, I can't handle it! 
It was a Bar Mitzvah at the Skirball Cultural Center
 I've worked one other Bat Mitzvah here in September 2011, but the Skirball Cultural Center is so ginormous it was in a completely different place so it felt all new.
 I came prepped with 40 layouts with a "blue/swimming" theme.
Here's where I scrapbooked and right next to me was a photobooth where guests got their pictures taken and then they handed me a copy of their photo strip and wrote a note to include with their picture which I then glued into the scrapbook for the guest of honor. At the end of the night he had an entire album filmed with memories!
Don't mind if I do!
 Aside from scrapbooking there were video games aplenty.
 A main area for dancing. 
Jewelry makers. 
And that candy sucker guy from last Saturday was there too, but I didn't get any pics. I should have because it's so impressive.
Before the party started I had time to walk around and take in my surroundings. The adults were outside while the kids horsed around inside.
 I don't even know what kind of food was kept fresh under the saran wrap but it looked yummy!

And the inside: pretty dang awesome! It looked like we were under water in a giant shell - super appropriate for the swimming theme. 
There was a second level which I walked up to and got some sweet views of the getup. 
Sparkly pillows! Ooooh!
 I had a blast working playing! These things are always so much fun. Living the life of the upperclass for a few nights over the past 4 years has been one of my most favorite things about living in Los Angeles! Thanks Amy for the opportunities :)
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