The One with Instagram 5.10.13 Edition

Friday, May 10, 2013

Maybe this will be a Friday tradition, seeing as how I did one last Friday!

I spy with my little eye, a baby Jane!
For the first time in our marriage, Chris got me flowers! To be fair, I've specifically asked that he NOT get me flowers. They've always seemed a waste of money because they die. But now, I've matured and realized flowers are pretty. Still, I never asked for flowers so imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang yesterday and there stood Mr. UPS man with a big ol' box filled with gorgeous tulips and a love note from my honey bun saying happy Mother's Day!
 He's a keeper. PS - they've bloomed since I took these pictures. They make me happy.
 Someone found my sequin stash. His name may or may not be Fox.
 Downsizing baby girl clothes.
Not my photo, but too beautiful not to share. Here's a picture taken by the amazingly talented Jessica Kettle of Allie & Tate on their wedding day. Isn't the rain so typically Washington? And then a minute later it would be sunny. Crazy weather.
 Dinner at Red Robin on our 6th Anniversary (I'm glad we ended up celebrating a bit by going out!). I always get the A1 Peppercorn burger after trying a bite of my brother's last year.
 Bottomless steak fries? Yes, please!
 We call her Fancy Face. In this case, we called her Fancy MESSY Face.


  1. Loving the photos!!!! Her messy face is ADORABLE!

  2. aw, glad you were able to celebrate! We celebrated with our little guy this week too. Those tulips are going to be beautiful.

  3. Ummmm, if you sent me that stack of little girl clothes, I wouldn't complain. ;)

  4. My little man, who's a month older than Fox (born Sept 8, 2010, has that Shoot for the Moon shirt. I love it! He calls it his Buzz shirt. hahaha


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