The One with Our Last Disneyland Day

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Aaaand the lasts just keep on going. 
Today was our last trip to Disneyland for who knows how long. 
Our passes don't expire until February of 2014 so maybe we'll have to come back :)
I looked up how many times we went to Disneyland in the 4 years we lived here: 
That's 20 times a year!
We have been so incredibly lucky to have lived so close to the happiest place on earth. I know that some people never get to go once in their entire lifetime, some people only 2 or 3 times, and some people way more than us. But while living so close, we definitely took advantage of it!

Here's how our final day at Disneyland played out:
1) Me'n'Jane on the tram. 2) Chris'n'Fox on the tram. 3) Jane's ready to be there! 4) It didn't look very crowded at all! 5) Walking through the entrance. 6) Welcome to Disneyland! 7) My favorite quote about Disneyland. 8) Main Street. 9) Pretty flowers galore.

1) Walt Disney in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. 2) More flowers. 3) The iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle. 4) Authorized Cast Members Only - looks like one of my favorite Thickers fonts :) 5) We thought since it didn't look very busy we'd be able to get on Peter Pan without a hitch. Not so my friends. The line was already 45 minutes long. We didn't go on it. That's okay, we've been on it before. 6) Pinocchio. 7) Waiting for the Casey Junior Train. 8) On the Casey Junior Train. 9) Ditto.

1) Looks like Bavaria! 2) Even more flowers. 3) Fox was so happy to ride King Arthur's Carousel! 4) Ditto. 5) Janey was pretty stoked too. 6) Stained glass in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. 7) In line for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. 8) Whatdoyaknow, more flowers! 9) On the Storybook Boats, about to be eaten by a whale!

1) And even more flowers. 2) Everything is miniature on Storybook Boats, it's so fun. 3) Agraba (or however you spell it) from Aladdin. 4) Under the pretty vines. 5) The lamp in the Cave of Wonders. 6) Cinderella's Castle. 7) Fox's cute little hand on my lap. 8) More miniature villages. 9) Fox and Zurg - one of his favorite characters!

1) Jane taking a nap in Chris's arms. 2) The Buzz ride got stuck a couple of times so I was able to shoot high value targets repeatedly and got the highest score I've ever gotten! AAAND I was in the top ten for the day! Pretty cool!  4) Haunted Mansion. Fox wanted to go there first thing but we had to knock out the kiddie rides first. Is it weird that he loves ghosts and skeletons so much? It must be genetic because Haunted Mansion was my favorite ride growing up too. 5) Creepy chandelier in the Haunted Mansion. 6) We at lunch at the Hungry Bear Restaurant and I noticed they had buttons - I got Chris a "Just Graduated!" button! 7) My new favorite thing to eat at Disneyland, which I've gotten the past three times in a row, is a turkey and provolone sandwich with sweet potato fries. Nummy. 8) Jane just being cute. 9) Fox doesn't understand personal space yet so he's always up in everyone's business while waiting our turn in line.

 1) Winnie the Pooh. 2) Pirates of the Caribbean. Fox is so funny about this ride. He watches a YouTube video of the entire ride about 5 times every day. He loves singing "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life "sa me!" He used to love this ride. Now he's afraid of it. Actually, he's only afraid of the two drops at the beginning. So he cries and cries until after the drops and then he laughs his head off and loves it the rest of the time and comes out saying, "Pirates so fun!". Silly boy. 3) Cool Pirate sign. 4) Captain Jack Sparrow. 5) It's a Small World. So, after the Buzz ride we got Fox a set of four Toy Story-themed cars. He was holding two in each hand and I told him to hold onto them tight. As we were getting off the Small World boat the Woody-themed car fell into the water. Shoot! The employees tried to find it but were unsuccessful so they gave us this "No Strings Attached" voucher which we took back to the store and they gave us a new car! Wow! Thank you Disneyland! 6) The "No Strings Attached" voucher. 7) Fox with his new car and his idol. 8) Train around the park. 9) We sat behind one of the conductors and he was telling us a bunch of random trivia and even pointed out a couple "Hidden Mickeys"! What a nice guy. 

1) The dinosaurs on the train. Fox LOOOOOVES that part of the ride. 2) Then we headed over to California Adventure to go on Monster's Inc. Fox really loves monsters. He loves a lot of things... 3) Jane taking her second nap. 4) The conductor on the train asked if it was anybody's birthday and it just so happens to be mine a week from today so he gave me a birthday button which Fox wanted to wear and show off. 5) Awesomely shaped speakers on Monsters, Inc. 6) Fox climbing the railing waiting our turn. 7) Pretty tile-work. 8) Our only family photo of the day at Cars Land. 9) On the tram back to the car.
I took videos of Fox and Jane on the tram ride back to the car:

What an amazing time we've had at Disneyland the past 4 years! I cried and cried on the way back to the car. Especially because Fox kept saying, "Bye Disneyland!" Deep down he knows it was our last time for a long time. Or maybe we can hit up Euro-Disney ASAP!


  1. Loving all the photos ... looks like you had a wonderful time!!!

  2. Dang. Every one of your "last" posts has made me cry!

  3. ok i have some random questions for you :) i noticed chris was wearing a BYU shirt -- every time we go to disneyland we see people wearing BYU stuff and i always wonder if that is just a coincidence or if there is some intentional BYU-apparel-wearing conspiracy i don't know about. which is it?? are you guys in on the conspiracy?

    and...which pirates video does fox watch? jack loves those too :)

    p.s. sorry about all the lasts, moving totally sucks. see you soon though!

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  5. woops didn't mean to delete that one ^

    Great pics!! Having lived in So Cali my whole life, we have spent many days at Dland. It would be hard to leave on that last visit :(

  6. Oh yes Paige !
    It is not your last time ta Disneyland ! You have to go to Disneyland Paris, it's a beautiful one !!!!
    (I'm french)
    I'm so impatient to read your new aventures hère in Europe ;)


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