The One with the Bel-Air Hotel Baby Shower

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I worked at a baby shower at the Bel-Air Hotel that needs documenting!
It was a beautiful oasis in the middle of what felt like a tropical jungle.
 I got a peek at the baby shower set up through the trees.
The mom-to-be (this is baby #3) is having a little girl so the colors were pink and purple, naturally!
There were a few tables with gorgeous flowers. Everything was simple yet elegant and oh-so beautiful.
My favorite part, of course, was the candy bar! But just for the record, I'm still off candy, going on 6 weeks now!
I snapped pictures of the preggo mom with each of the guests, they wrote on some prompt cards I made, and everything went into a scrapbook that she loved looking through at the end of her shower. Watching the guest of honor look through the scrapbook is the best part of my job. 
 This swan was amazing to behold!
 Such a lovely time! 1 event down, 2 more to go. We're outta here in just 20 days! So much to do, so little time!


  1. So beautiful!!! I want to live there! :)

  2. wow that looks amazing, so much fun and pink!!

  3. I like that one. More classy than gaudy.

  4. So pretty! I love those silver(?) tables!

  5. You are amazing: 2 kids, hubby, career, events, and moving. You go girl!


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