The One with Lyndsey's 2nd Book

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lyndsey is having another baby boy next month and she asked if  I'd make a little book (similar to the one I made for her first baby boy) that she can use as a "smashbook" for all his growth charts and milestones. Her wish is my command :)
It's 5 x 7" so it'll hold regular sized photos and memorabilia.
The cover is made from two pieces of binder's board glued together to make them extra thick and sturdy. 
Then I covered the boards with blue chevron fabric I purchased at JoAnn yesterday with a 50% off coupon.  
Like all the other books I make, it's bound in a copic style using dark navy embroidery floss.
The pages are made from a mix of blue and green cardstock, glitter cardstock, patterned paper, and felt.
From start to finish it took about 4.5 hours to make.
The book opens nice and flat so it can be written in super easily.
One of these times I'll try to get it on video and do a tutorial! I know I've been saying that for YEARS...
See you in two weeks Lyndsey! I'll bring it to church on Sunday :)


  1. i love it!!! so amazing as always. i can't believe you had time to do this with everything else going on. thank you paige!! xo

  2. Love it! I love making books and intend to make some like this, but I think it would take me all day so I never have the nerve....

  3. such a treasure! i am hopeful you will get to a video tutorial someday making one!! :)


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