The One with the Swimming-Themed Bar Mitzvah

Monday, May 20, 2013

Saturday night I worked at my last event (waaaaaaaaaah!!!!). So many lasts these days, I can't handle it! 
It was a Bar Mitzvah at the Skirball Cultural Center
 I've worked one other Bat Mitzvah here in September 2011, but the Skirball Cultural Center is so ginormous it was in a completely different place so it felt all new.
 I came prepped with 40 layouts with a "blue/swimming" theme.
Here's where I scrapbooked and right next to me was a photobooth where guests got their pictures taken and then they handed me a copy of their photo strip and wrote a note to include with their picture which I then glued into the scrapbook for the guest of honor. At the end of the night he had an entire album filmed with memories!
Don't mind if I do!
 Aside from scrapbooking there were video games aplenty.
 A main area for dancing. 
Jewelry makers. 
And that candy sucker guy from last Saturday was there too, but I didn't get any pics. I should have because it's so impressive.
Before the party started I had time to walk around and take in my surroundings. The adults were outside while the kids horsed around inside.
 I don't even know what kind of food was kept fresh under the saran wrap but it looked yummy!

And the inside: pretty dang awesome! It looked like we were under water in a giant shell - super appropriate for the swimming theme. 
There was a second level which I walked up to and got some sweet views of the getup. 
Sparkly pillows! Ooooh!
 I had a blast working playing! These things are always so much fun. Living the life of the upperclass for a few nights over the past 4 years has been one of my most favorite things about living in Los Angeles! Thanks Amy for the opportunities :)


  1. Seriously, only in LA do they hire scrapbookers at! Best wishes to you on your new family adventures ahead. Holly :-)

  2. Wow, that place looked unbelievable!!! So cool.

  3. wow!!! I don't even want to know how much these parties cost...must be crazy! how lucky you have been able to work them, and they are lucky to have your scrappy pages to remember their events :)

  4. I'm going to miss seeing your pics of these awesome events! I've been so amazed at the decor and all the special things set up for the party goers to enjoy. I love that scrapbooking is a little part of the events too :) Hopefully Amy will share pics with us I agree with Holly...only here in LA ;)

  5. you are so good at taking photos of events. i think many will be disappointed considering i only take photos and share about 10% of the ones that happen.

    thanks so much once again. you rule.


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