The One with Instagram 5.3.13 Edition

Friday, May 3, 2013

Life via Instagram (@paigetaylorevans) - 5.3.13 edition:

Janey's hair is getting long enough that it needs to be swooped to the side with a little clip. Oh my goodness I think she looks just so adorable and pretty :) Pony tails before we know it!
 It's National Scrapbook Day tomorrow! American Crafts is having a blog hop to celebrate and here's a sneak of the layout I made for it:
 Jane @ 9 months.
 Fox's latest thing is "bugs" and he doesn't mess around when he's trying to get a good look at ants, or as he calls them, "amps". 
 These two. The lights of my life.
 Shameless selfie.
 Fox is really into Aladdin lately and despite looking tipsy in the photo, he was so excited to meet Aladdin and Jasmine in "real life.". We went and saw the Aladdin play over at Disney's California Adventure for the first time and it was AWESOME!
 I got to see Amy Tan's scrap space with mine own two eyes! So inspiring! The things that have been created at this very desk :)
 Fox makes friends so easily. He just jumps right into the crowd - something I've never been able to do. I admire his confidence.
 Trying to get a picture of her two bottom teeth!
 Take time to stop and smell the flowers! 

Since tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day, I've got lots of projects to share throughout the day! 

And I'll be co-hosting a chat with Melissa Stinson at at 7am Pacific Time so if you have any burning questions, be there or be square!


  1. Such a FUN post Paige!! I loveeeeee all the photos!! And loved seeing you on the Lily Bee bloggy today!! :)

  2. I've been to that Aladdin play! How cute! :) I need to take Lyssa to Disneyland! To just got a play do you have to pay a park entrance fee? I think you have an annual pass though

  3. Your children are so beautiful! xx

  4. hmm, i am pretty sure you mean "messy" when you said inspiring ;)

  5. Paige, Jane is soo cute! We were sitting next to her and Chris in Sunday School yesterday and she just has the cutest little grin!! It's going to be sad when the only way to see it is via pictures. Good thing she's so photogenic!


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