The One with Cousin #10

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My 10th, and probably last, cousin was born the other day!
 I now have two full hands worth of cousins! 
John Jr., Maren, Sara Jayne, James, Elizabeth, Cat, Daniel, Benji, Leah, Naomi.
That's it!
Ten is a good, round number. 
Most Mormons I know have dozens of cousins.
I'm happy with my 10 and that I know them all well.

Fox and Jane already have 6 cousins.
Drew, Avery, Luke, Hunter, Evelynd, and Ethan.
Two of his uncles aren't married yet (but Jay is getting married in July!)
Eric + Tanya and Allie + Tate don't have kids yet cuz they're still newlyweds, but there's another dozen cousins Fox and Jane will eventually have, hehe :)

You know what the weird thing is though?
My Grandpa John is now a newer grandpa than my dad. In other words, my grandparents have great-grandchildren older than their grandchildren. Does that make sense? Get it? Got it? Good.
As they say in You've Got Mail: We are an American family!

Congrats David and Anissa! She's beautiful!


  1. Cute, Paige. The post and the baby.

  2. Gerrit and I both have cousins who are really close in age to our kids (one is 9 months older than Miles and one is 2 years older), but none that are actually younger than him. That would be pretty neat!

  3. You have more cousins than we do. Cute baby.

  4. hahaha i hear you. Andy has a million cousins and he doesn't even know some of them. Go figure. Congrats!

  5. love newborn pics, congrats on the new cousin!

  6. Funny! We are also an American family. My grandparents have 10 grandchildren: I'm the oldest at (almost) 25, and all of the others range from 8 years old to itty bitty newborns. My only brother is 7 years old, which is only 2 years older than my oldest child (his nephew). Haha! Oh, and on my dad's side of the family (which I don't normally count as family at all), I have an aunt that is just six months older than me.

  7. We're not sure we can offer 12 more for you. But we'll give it a run!


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