The One with the Osterbaum / Easter Tree

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter 2015!

Chris had Friday off so we took a little day trip to a small German town called Saalfeld to visit the famous tree with 10,000 easter eggs! This is the family's last year doing it because they're getting too old. It was now or never - we chose NOW!
It snowed. Guess the April Fool's Day joke was on us!
Gosh. I just love Germany. Oh so much.
There wasn't any designated parking, but there were lots of people, so we just parked on the road and started walking up and up the hill, passing a light pink house on the way, be still my heart.
There it is!!!
God bless this old couple for setting this up every year for the masses far and wide to enjoy!
Fox's "homework" is to take pictures of him and "Stanley" on our Spring Break adventures.
Everywhere you look - EGGS!
All the colors make my heart so happy :)
Some pics of the eggs up close.

There are a few other little trees in the yard with some eggs.
Evans family on Friday April 3rd 2015 at the Egg Tree in Saaldfeld, Germany.
Isn't the old couple's house adorable?
More shots of the tree, I couldn't get enough.
Was it worth the 4 hour round trip drive? Absolutely. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
On the Eierbaum website he listed daily updates - from March 7th-17th he placed about a thousand eggs a day. CRAZY! AMAZING!
This might be my favorite pic of the tree - eggs galore!
This is the photo I took with my phone and shared on instagram, hence the quality is a little different. 1228 people liked this photo! Blows my mind.
So glad we got to see this phenomenon!
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